Everyone knows the day of friday the 13th the supposed day of bad luck and others well I’m a believer thanks to what happen to me on 2017 friday the 13th.It all started out normal , I got out of bed got my clothes on and brushed my teeth and finally was off to work this is when stuff got weird As I walked down my street I started to feel something strange on my arm.I stopped and looked to my arm to see what it could have been maybe a bug but no something not common or what makes no sense in no way ,a long red mark.I then stood in shock trying to figure where it could have came from,I came up with was well that I rubbed against some corner in my house.I then was on my way again and was halfway to work when it started to storm, that’s weird I thought the weatherman said it wouldn't I than did what person would do I gunned it across the street almost getting hit by a car but he stopped and flipped a bird at me but I continued to my business’ front door and I tried to open it but it didn’t budge, “Great try to get here early and it’s locked and even better i’m stuck in the pouring rain”, I throw up my hands mad that I couldn't get in the door but then heard like a door opening,I look back at the door I just tried to open just a sec ago and some person in a suit walked out that got me furious so what I did next was probably the one thing i’ll ever regret I picked up a trashcan and hurled it at the window well the next thing I know it sharted and myself was in the back of a police cruiser and now typing my story in jail what else is their to do. THE END