` It was Monday morning a kid by the named robin was getting ready for school even though he didn’t really want to go to school but even though he knew had to go or he would put his parents in jail and he would be put into adoption or something I wasn’t too sure but then again he did like going to school for only one reason to see his friends.Robin got the rest of his clothing and headed downstairs and fixed some cereal for himself while his mom was taking care of his baby sister named Lily. ,”bye mom” Robin said leaving the kitchen grabbing his backpack picking it up and then going through the front door.Robin then walked to the bus stop seeing his best a friend named tide.Tide was older than Robin and was chubby, tide had on a red jacket and regular blue jeans,”hey man,” Robin said catching tide off guard,” oh hey man didn’t see you there” he said with a simile” so the tide you ready for our plans after school today”, the tide then had an I forgot about that kind of face so I asked,”you didn’t forget did you,”tide lowered his head,”well were all going to meet up at odds and go camping tonight that help,”tide rose his head back he was apparently an oh yeah moment and a simile returned,”thanks, man,”I then replied with a simple,” anytime man anytime,”our the yellow school bus pulled up and we got on and took our seats,” so tide where's your brother Josh”, tide then looked away from the window he was looking through and told me he got the flu and got to stay home I then said back to tide,”that lucky bastard tide then smiled again,”yeah his real lucky,”tide then turned back to the window.The rest of the ride was normal the the same kid that usually got in trouble got in trouble and the bus driver yelled him again normal.We then finally got to tides and my school getting off we went inside and sat at the same lunch table we usually sat at, none of my friends actually ate breakfast we just sat here since we didn't like going into the loud gym and none of the teachers here seem able to stop the people in the gym.When the rest of my friends got here we just talked like we normally would it was always about what recently happen or a new kind of game coming out, after about 3 minutes of talking the bell rang and we were off to our class.I did only have one class with two of my friends which was history in which my friends and I hated I mean what's the purpose of learning about the past and well was very boring especially when talked about history but he didn’t give us a lot of work so I guess it was find I mean my friends and me really just talked during the whole class.The rest of my classes went by fine well actually one of the boys in English got into a fight with the teacher over his grade but turns out mr.paul was a boxer at one time and dodge every punch and tackle him to the floor, one of the officers that patrols the school heard the commotion and got in and arrested the a student that's all that happens I was now going to history class.I walked in and took a the seat where my friends and I seat at.The first to come in was tide,”hey man,” I said smiling at my friend,” oh hey robin where's the rest of the crew,”tide then took a seat and laid his stuff down I replied with,”not here yet I guess hey You didn’t forget about the plans this afternoon,”My best guess is the problem forget, tide never ever remembered anything he even forgets his homework its problem a sort of thing he's got robin then was pulled out of his thoughts by the loudspeaker coming on. the women said,”WE ARE GOING INTO A HARD LOCKDOWN THIS IS NOT A DRILL I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL PLEASE GO TO A SAFE PLACE NOW,” the women was then interrupted by three gunshots the loudspeaker then turned off then told us to the line to the back of the wall while he closed the curtain so whoever tried to look through it could not,”what are we going to do,” one of our classmates said,” shush be quiet,” the teacher said.Tide and myself were like the rest of the class scared out of our minds we didn't want to say a word because like everyone else knew this could be all of our last day on earth and I myself didn't want that or to even think it and I knew all the others didn’t so we all stayed quiet.all I could hear was the little winds students made but something else my ears picked up on walking in the hallway it felt like relieve but it was stopped when I thought it furthermore.When I got out of my thoughts I saw walking over to the door going to opened it up,”no,”I yelled mr apple then turned toward me with the shush motion he then turned back to it and lifted the little curtin.He then jumped back and ran back hiding behind his desk.The rest of we were wondering why he did that but the sound of someone slamming against the door told us what was happening.The perp was trying to break through the door, some girls started crying with a few guys, even the tide was starting to break down into tears.I knew someone had to do something or their be no hope of anyone living so I started to think what should be done to solve this problem.I then got up and started to search for some sort of weapon but it was hard to since the crying and everyone else telling me to get back over here.All I could find was pencils and backpacks.I then stopped besides the teacher desk.The teacher was still hiding behind his desk not paying me no lack of attention.I grabbed the stapler lifting the ting up making it into some kind of the weapon then dropped thinking to myself how in the hell would this stop somebody?I kept searching but ran out of time since the person manage to break through, the crying got louder,”well looky here what I got,”the prep looked like he just broke out of prison. the guy was wearing an orange jumpsuit holding what looked to be some sort of the pistol he then pointed the gun at my classmates firing into the crowd one hitting tide into the chest some of the other bullets hitting other students.I then grabbed the staple and throwing it in pure angry as the man in the orange suit turned around hitting him right in the leg he cried in pain a bullet also flying hitting right next to me.I then picked something else up and threw it in angry hitting him straight in the head I then went over to where his dam body laid and started dealing blows to him.I kept doing this in angry for killing my best friend in the world.Everyone that was still alive stood in horror as I kept dealing blows to this guys the body I was pulled off by an office. the officer then wrestled me to the ground I Was struggling to get back to that bastard body.The officers then cuffed me and walked me to the his police cruiser closing the door behind me while I was still cuffed.the end