A. L. Anthony


A Morgan

My Savior

Aaron Atkinson

Happiness??? Journey Remembering Elisha Atkinson What happened to My Car? What is the Matrix?

Aaron L. White

Cool Waters Run Kiss Me Again Of Form and Phonetics On the Verge Slut Three Untitled #18 Writer's Block

Abbey K.

The Playground

Adam Bianchi

Love Between the Distance

Adam D. Olson

Fate Home Improvement

Adam Gilson

Beckoning Waves Dance Upon Earthen Stage Drip Falling Still Interpret At Your Own Risk John Look Away Sour Cream Thousand Year Wait Three Men Worst Poem Your Back Again

Adam Herring


Adriana Mosoiu


Afiah Yahya

Where Are You

Alan Dittrich

The Best Policy

Albert Novikov


Alby Malinger

Save Your Face Wall

Aleah Gibson

Not a chance to regret

Alex Brown

My Testament - Novel Excerpt

Alex Caine

An Eye For An Eye Just For the One You Love This Life of Mine

Alex Lawrence

I Guess

Alexander Palana

Footprints Beside Me Peace


A Friend of Mine

Alice C. Bateman

A Blade of Grace A Candle in a Dirty Glass A Dream A House of Her Own A Lesson In Endurance A Prayer A Simple Handshake Ch 1 A Simple Handshake Ch 2 A Simple Handshake Ch 3 A Simple Handshake Ch 4 A Simple Handshake Ch 5 A Simple Handshake - Ch 6 A Simple Handshake - Ch 7 A Simple Handshake - Ch 8 A Simple Handshake - Ch 9 A Simple Handshake - Ch 10 A Simple Handshake - Ch 11 A Simple Handshake - Ch 12

A Tiny Inch In Time All Will Be Well Always Wanting More America The Brave Another Lifetime As You and I've Agreed Ask for Prayer At the End of the Century Be a Better Man Before We Kill Our Host Blood Red Sun Bright Parrot

Calling the Unicorn Celibacy as an Empowering Choice Cold Hard Steel Compelled to Wander Cut the Tape Dead at Thirty-five Delete the Loneliness Track Depression and the Holiday Season Dreaming Drowning in You

Ear of the Heart Eleusha Email Feed the Children For Our Suffering and Dying Pleasure Four Part Harmony Four Rainbows For A Lifetime Fragment of Reflection Give This World a Shake God Don't Grow No Drugs

God Made a Child Start God is Eternal Grieving Hanging in the Lurch How It Is Today Hug Them Now I Am Just an Instrument I Give This Day I'm Going To Delete You

I Need Myself I Want If We Ever Get To Dance In A Long Ago Time In Memory of John F. Kennedy Jr. In The Company of Genius Is It Really Worth It It Could Be Very Sweet It Happens Every Day It Isn't Just a Rumour

Judgment Day Karen Epilogue for Karen Last Anniversary Likely to Get Burned Living Broke Living In Fear Living Like A Ghost

Mary Rose O'Donnell - Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 1 Mary Rose O'Donnell - Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 2 Mary Rose O'Donnell - Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 3 Mary Rose O'Donnell- Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 4 Mary Rose O'Donnell- Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 5

Me, Myself and I Memory Bank Midnight Tea My Dreamland My Grannie My Own Worth My Soul Craves Warmth

Nassau New Daddy New Mommy Nine Years Oh My Soldier Oh To Be a Fish On My Little Girl's Birthday On the Wings of Angels One Poor Heart One Whole Soul

Only Halfway There Our Democracies Our Very Souls Entwine Phantom Lover Poetry - What Is It? Preface - In Her Terror Pregnant and Proud Purple Nurples Reflections of a Lifetime Riches That Start in the Heart

Rites of Fall Romance Romancing the Net Ron's Mountain Sadness - A Tribute to Slain Children Saint Francis of Assisi Say "I Work for God" Secret Manoeuvres See What Life Can Bring Sides of Suicide

September 11, 2001 She Was a Beauty Should We Restrict Ourselves to Writing for Money? So Many Different Things Some Days We Are The Flower Star Gazing Stella Story Behind New Daddy Story Behind Another Lifetime Take the You Out of Us Thank You for the Phone Call

The Bottom Line The Colours of Your Fate The Earth Has a Cold The Force The Lightning and the Candle The Moon Plays Peek-A-Boo The Northern Lights The Renewal of Spring The Seeds of Love The Star Called Love

The Things God Says The Two-Legs The Voices In Our Heads The Wedding Poem The White Undertaker Therapeutic Writing There Is Hope This Story That's So Old Three Shadows Through the Portal of My Eyes

Time to Heal To Mom and Dad To Lady Diana To The Never Born Trying for Forever Again

Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter One Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Two Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Three Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Four Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Five Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Six Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Seven

Thy Will Not My Will Walking a Tightrope We Are Not Beaten We Pray We Walk Alone What Could Have Been What if it Was Lettuce What's Been on My Mind Will All Be Well Winds of Fate "Youthanasia"

Alice Sarmiento

Have You Ever? (Part One) Have You Ever? (Part Two) Have You Ever? (Part Three) In the Darkness Mind Games My Mistake Right? Safe For The Moment (Part One) Safe For The Moment (Part Two) Safe For The Moment (Part Three) The End?


Alisha Morgan

Atheist Dear Dad For Those Not So Mathematically Inclined For You I'm Just Me I'm Nobody In A Dream Mixed Emotions More Native Son: An Essay

Not Here Poser Protected Self-Reliance: An Essay Split Personality Stripped The Blackness of a Deep Sleep The Other Life

 To Be Me      

To Wish Is...

What Is It? Where?

Alison Ware

Above the Land

Alissa Piccione

Poison Ivy


Cold Alley

Amanda Clark

Breaking Up

Amanda Gemski


Amanda Reynolds

Fragile Gone Ice Age Into The Night Micky Fillet Employs A Butchers Boy! More Than Just A Pale Memory Old Mickey Fillet Without You

Amanda Wagner

Alone in the world Another Chance Can't you see? Care or Not Change Equal Games Good or Bad Hurdles I Cry Me! On the outside Why Tonight? Your Day

Amber A. Whitman

Homeless Hell Secret Alien Nation The Death of Angels

Amber E. Scott

Love Poem for Papa

Amber Johnson

Facing My Fears Hurt More Than Just A Pale Memory Time Stands Still

Amber Schamel

Foolish Princess

Amy Groat

False Twilight

Amy K. Burch

My Ocean

Amy Sailer

A Roman Drama

Amy Sorensen

A World Than Cannot Change About the Beating Bush All Our Fault Alone Fly Away Look the Other Way The Spider The Creature of Passion The Jury - Chapter One The Jury - Chapter Two

The Jury - Chapter Three The Ladybird The Spider


When They Come To Me

Anait Salmanyan

Unfair War of September 11, 2001

Andre Morrissen


Andrea Doherty

My Shelter Within Thank God I Am Female

Andrea Johnson

God Sent You He Is Life With You To Be With You

Andree Halim

The Cruelness of Death



Andrew Brown

Brown Brothers' Bike Trip Across Canada Kayaks in June

Andrew Lander

English Lesson Highbury Fields Journeying

Andrew Lindquist 9B

Mrs. Hosking's English 2nd Hour

Andrew J. Waugh

I Drink and I Drive and I Don't Know Why

Angel Alvarenga

Dream Vision Silent Mind

Angela Bridges

Look Away

Angela Hope

Father's Presence Mardi Gras Time in New Orleans Naughty But Not So Nice

Angela Lee Annette

Choose Dream Lover Goodbye Hell No I am Love Love Lost No Regrets Soul Mate Stop The Bullying The Road Ahead The 7 Teachings Think again Unknown Wishful Thinking What We Learn Whatever You're Ugly Inside

Angela M. Daniels

What I Do Memories

Anil Kumar S

Melbourne Blues

Ann Bate

Lover's Prayer

Ann Nixon

Growing Old

Anne Bellah

A Soldier is Born Mommy and Me at the Park Take Care of Me The Raindrop Time Spent

Anna Trelles


Ann Reinen

Family Loyalty... how far should it go?

Annie Robinson

Home Again Chapter One The Wave Time

April Harden

Birth in This World

Apollo Batt

A Walk With Greek Finding a Killer Salem's Witches


Excerpt from X-Cali Poetry

Artemis Taylor

Dance of Life

Ashley M. Presutto

Take Two Gazer

Ashley Robinson

Deep Feelings The Man I Love

Ashlie Nicole

A Night With Out Stars Love Till The End Of Time The Person I Run To

Ashton W.

I Think I Love Age

Ashwini Ahuja

Nasty Note To Goggles The Petty Mobile Phone The Killing Machine

Augustine Ekhaiyeme

Don't Cry For Me Knowledge Positive

B. Abood

Super-Duper Nature

B. Hopewell

MY DAY The one thing you forgot...

B. J. Wilkinson

In Ordinary Time Ursus Minor


The Lake

Bangalore Krishna Murthy

The Source Code

Barbara Bramble

Going Home

Barbara Everidge Tillison

Fairy Dreams The Mirror

Barry N. Rodgers

Phil's Chronicles - Chapter One Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Two Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Three Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Four Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Five

Bartholomew Klitgaard

Raising Evolution

Ben Dyar

Ghosts of Retribution Lament of Purity




Though Shall Not...

Beth Adair

A Loathed Enemy Angelique Carmel Christmas Through the Eyes of a Beanie Baby If Only Me and My CFS Mirror Shady Disposition

Beverly Caine

Fast Talkin' Man Ode to a Married Man The Lover of Nature

Bill Elder

Gerry or Clementine or Untitled Inspiration The Poet

Bill Keenan

Bedtime I Know Which Road I Will Choose Rejoice

Bill Stage

Daddy's Gun Teddy Bear Comfort The Clock Words of an Unborn Baby

Bill Truax

Fallen Leaves Isle in the Sky Marching Men

Billie Moskona-Lerman

I Was A Human Shield

Black Rose

Black Diamond - Prologue

Blair DiVenuta

Samantha's Simplicity

Bob Chassanoff

A Gunfight My Last Puppy The Setting Of The Sun The Women on Whitehead Street

Bob Hyman

A Drink at Woodford AFLA Alert Aftermath Back-packing and Self-Renewal in God's Country Better Modeling Through Appliances Chat Room Chief No-Nose I Give You America Magic Writers' Marbles Payback Time

Pickhandle Pete Ponder's Dilemma Skating Sunday Dreams Susie Sunshine and the Sunflower Gang The Butterfly Principle The Cedar and the Oak The Greeter The Walking Stick To Jennifer

Trail's End Who Speaks for the Common Man Person?

Bobbie Sawyer

A Rose for Marly

Bonita Grace

I Am Just Me Through the Eyes of a Child

Bonnie Eckersley

Him, Me and the Sea

Bonnie L Fry

Hard Hearn Here Lies My Youth Learning To Line Dance The Flu Youth

Brad Bever

The Band

Brad Pike

Homework and I F.R.I.E.N.D. The Safe House

Bradley W. Maurer


Brandalia Sheppard


Brandon Excell

Chaldean Chronicles - Volume I Chaldean Chronicles - Volume II


And Then There Was One

Brandy Cain

Do You Want to Hold Her?

Brent A. Lane

The Name

Brent Fuller

About Time and Too Late Altar To Leslie Charity Has No Vacancy Farce Fool Letting Half Of It Is For Worse For Better Look At My Philosophy Love’s Base Possibilities My 911 No Comely Mourning Flower Rage

Really Saved Review of the movie "Fresh". Seven Is Too Old The Day The Rain Came To Stay The Writer Block

Brian Anthony Hardie

Affronted, Northeast Portland Democratic Rash Eating Raw Bread With A Mammoth Earthbound Ghost Need Tomorrow Is Yesterday Is Today Toxin-Laced Letter

Brian Hinkle

The Great Adventure

Brian Peters

A Tornado is Coming Born Again Drenched in Love Keep on Trucking Kelso's Rule Never Again Saint Mary The Measure of Family The Switch Back

Brian Sorrell.

Finally! I Can Send Pictures From The Phone To The Toaster

Brian Wilmott

The Incident Part One Zone Three

Brianna Santiago

Home Sweet Home

Brittany Hanson


Brittany Wolf

Sweet Pea The Angels

Brittney Augustine

Billy's Friend's Shell

Brittney Eischens

Anne Frank's Life

Bruce Longman

A Time to Love A Time to Die Left Behind Midlife Crisis The Fling The Shortcut

Bryant H. McGill

Her impetuous blossoms-- vibrant inward fractals flow! Our Master Love Consuming All 'Til All Is Done

Brynne Ferguson


C. C. Rider

Leaving Rio Wake Up To The Sun

C. Elizabeth Anastasopoulos

The Rainy Day

C J (Cindi) Mouser

For Love of a Dog Memories on the Hoof


Meet the God.

C. L. Riley



Broken Pictures

Cailean Darkwater

  1. 57

Another Day Over the Edge Shadow The Beast

Caity Nowosatka

A Pink Ribbon

Callie Mackenzie

Lost Hope

Callie Nguyen

What I'd Do To Be With You Wind

Candy Clontz Rathbone

Bearing Over Whelming Pain

Cara Walker Last Goodbye Part 1 Last Goodbye Part 2 Last Goodbye Part 3 Last Goodbye Part 4 Last Goodbye Part 5

Carey Lenehan

Dying Earth Long Hot Summer That old Devil Called Autumn The Girls We Were Wordsworth Revisited

Carl Halling

A Spiritual Narrative - Part One A Spiritual Narrative - Part Two

Carlette Dupuis

God's Way

Carmalin Sophia

Crush…. Love Me Dear

Carol Roth

Ascending to Meet the Sunrise Believe Me My Dear Mary Lavender

Caroline Carr

Memories of Madness

Caterina Kenworthy

I Didn't Tell You Love Lane Scribble Girl The Chance Theater The World Of Discarded Drawing Too Skinny Waiting

Catherine E. Smithwick

The Bottom Line - "Everyone Else Does It" The Bottem Line- "I Wanna Be Sedated" Her Name Was Maddie

Catherine Money

Questionable, Beside Herself, Forgotten, My Father's Embrace

Catharine Parks


Celista Tremblay

Chelsea Moving Day Mr. McDaniel's Cocker Spaniel Mr. Rabbit My Friend Wil Naomi Rainy Day

Cesar A. Miranda

A Life Like Everyone's A Loving Nightmare Goddess of Pain Gone With the Roses I Didn't Know I'm Nothing Just a Thought Let Me Be Free Life Goes On Lost Sailor

My Everyday Life My First Time Perfection is Not Enough Poem To My Baby Poem To My Baby #2 Poem To My Baby #3 Taken From My Heart The Last Hope The Truth About It Thin Air

Think About Them Trying to Read Your Thoughts Understanding Confusion When Doubts Get You Wild Beast! Without Her Without Words You

Chad Lilly

All I Ask Dear Mrs. Lilly Forward If I Were An Atheist Know Thyself Mental Fantasies Rambling Sanity Seeing God The Beginning of Wisdom The Way It Works With Me

Tick-Tock What I Really Want Vanity

Chana Mager

The Necromancer

Chantel Rasmussen

A Love That Wasn't Real Alcoholic Pride April Be Together Children/Vodka Crystal Tears Good Enough How I Really Feel I'm Home Sick Again I Can't I Hate the Way

I Still Love Him I Want to be a Butterfly If You Can I Tried Keep Going Kids Today Next Playing You Reality Check Stick It Through Teddy Bears

The Good Girl The Color Of My Skin Until We Meet Again What Have I Done? What I Believe What It Seems Writer's Block 101 You Know The Truth You Never Know

Charilette Rai Sweeny

A Road Apple of Wisdom Dance of the Starling Michael Eugene Chapman Monster In My Closet Musings Song of the Whippoorwills The Better Bunny The Mirror The Sailor Druid Night

Charles Montonya

A Hunters Lesson

Charles Okafor

A Plea to My Love Ada Farewell Notes For Love of You Ikeja Merchants of Greed Nnewi The Arrival The Butcher The Foreigner

The Holocaust The Reality of Hate Witness to Chaos

Charlie Mann

Faces Father's Love Lost Love My Uncle Lee

Chen-ou Liu

Another Pnin I Love You to Death White Picket Fence Writing in English: The Writing Life in Transition and Translation

Cheryl McNeil



Californication's End Culture and Liberty Enduring Harmony My Welcome Guest Rugged Individualism The Smell of the Wind

Chinedu Uba

Blind Distance Can't Stop Dark Goddess You Have Murdered Sleep In A heart I Surrender I Swear Morning Sun Return My Love Sweet Woman Morning Glory

Chloe Ho

Murder in Malibu

Chris Allen Clark

Mercury Turned Silent For Me

Chris Alexander


Chris Jackson

The Caribbean Classic

Chris Kendalls

Nine thousand four hundred and sixty two

Chris Potts

Memories of the Past The Flight

Chris Ruland

Life of Jack

Chrissie-Jane Harrison


Christen Chaffins

The Violin

Christie Houston

I Woke Up

Christine Raposo

Life, Death, And Something In Between Another Monday

Christine Ritter

Our Flag Flies High

Christine Williams

Broken Baby Make Room

Christopher Turner


Cindy Piazza-Ivy

Leaving Despair The Dream That You Gave

Cindy Sorburn

Life in the Trenches

Cinnamon Brown

7 Whole Days (the breakup saga) A long way from Home A Single Mother A True Story of Love All That I Am Bad Name Black As Can Be Black Like Me Caffeine vs Nicotine Can I Be Your Supermodel Part One Can I Be Your Supermodel Part Two Crying eyes

Daddy's Little Girl Demon Disgust Don't Cry For Me Everyday I Pray Ghetto Fabulous Good bye Step-Monster Hidden Secrecies Hypocrisy If All I could Give I Wish I Didn't Miss You It's Nothing Keep Ya Head Up Letting Go Like Romeo and Juliet Mama Miss Mary's Song - Ode to my Best Friend

Mistress My Child My Story My Song Not Far From The Tree Perfect Imperfections Prayer of a Sinner {My Repentance} Politically Incorrect (or is it) Redefining a Woman Step-Child The Breakdown The last Time I saw You The Man at Table 3 Truth Hurts What If Why I Cry

Women 2 Women Part One Women 2 Women Part Two Women 2 Women Part Three Women 2 Women Part Four Women 2 Women Part Five Women 2 Women Part Six

Claire Findlay

Little Red Riding Hood

Claire Randal


Clarissa McCartney

Love is a battle

Cliff Lai

Conforming to Your Wishes

Clive S. Michie

A Simple Handshake Ch 1 A Simple Handshake Ch 2 A Simple Handshake Ch 3 A Simple Handshake Ch 4 A Simple Handshake Ch 5 A Simple Handshake - Ch 6 A Simple Handshake - Ch 7 A Simple Handshake - Ch 8 A Simple Handshake - Ch 9 A Simple Handshake - Ch 10

A Simple Handshake - Ch 11 A Simple Handshake - Ch 12

At This Very Moment Killing the Kids Internet crime and The Credit Card Old Bum The Adventures of Brat Cat The Adventures of Brat Cat part 2 World Out Of Control

Colleen Sweeney

My Hero

Connie Brousseau

A Baby's Dream Highway Rainbow

Connie Dai

With Every Sun There is a Night

Connor Cuevas

Circular Rocket Haunt Paper Flint


Her Only Desire

Cori Gardner

The Concept of Time

Corinne Grech-Linkous

Drunk People are Great Phantom Planet and Me Tragically Hip

Courtney Kelly

That Woman

Courtney Shaubel

The Voice of Silence

Courtney Wilson

Chance My Books Please Remember The Beginning of a Lifetime

Crystal Bay

Goodbyes Never Last Magic Mr.Mahoney Melissa

Crystal J. Stranaghan

Snapshots of Summer Storm Warning Reflections in the pool of my childhood summers Reflections in the pool of Christmases Past Twenty Something - on Tennyson Twenty Something - On Writing Twenty Something - on the power of imagination

Crystal Riley

Dear Lord How Do I...? If Only Love Morality and Maturity are Necessities The Greatest Love Think About It


To This World Your Eyes

Cynthia Burke


Cynthia Serrano

A Mother's Challenge

Cynthia Southall

The Little Things

Cynthia Todd


D. A. Williams

9 A.M.; Courtroom #3 A Lonely Soldier Alone in the Dark Angel of Grace D. A. Is Dead Father's Eyes For My Daughter Generation X Ghost in Your Town I Believe In You

I Stand Alone If I Died Tonight Knuckles On Your Chin Life Goes On Limelight Lonely Road One Man Crew Pride, Anger, Venom, Rage Searching for Oceans Speak of Love

The Words Cry True Friends Wanna Be Me What Should I Say? When Would You...? Words of Advice Why... I Mean How

DK O'Donnell

The Surreal IRA.

D. Robert Tibbits

The Matter With It

D. Sekou

Days of Procrastination pt ii Drowin Makings of a Man The Life that Found Me Wrong Way Willie

Dana Ledden

A Prayer Goes Unheard Memories The Voice When God Made Grandmas

Dana Ruffin

Accidents and Incident Allure Delirious India Ink Libertine Lover Midnight Symphony Quietude Shadows in the Dawn Sister Silver

Dani Peterson

Open the Door; Not Your Average Love Story



Daniel Borgertpoepping

An Unpleasant Dawn

Daniel Gallik

All The Old Times Within The Waters He Asked For Some Self-Conceit Knew Well The Dimensions of Women Love’s Redemption Are The Two Thousands Relationships

Daniel Greene

Alone Dear God

Daniel J.C. Haynes

Jetstream Shades of Grey

Daniel R. Menage

A Writer's Voice Car Rides Distant Man My Despair Night Stalkers - Chapters One to Three Remembering

Daniel W. Kneip

A Friend In The Woods Baby Jasper Baked Breads and Rolls Bigfoot in a Bank Belle's Bell Daisy May's Fastball In For A Chop Chop Mane-Extensions Mr. Joy in His Casket Nelson Never Helps Pensleys Letter

Steve The Owl The Bonnet The Fallen Piece The Final Entries of Dr. Merd The Future of Chapter Three (and why I Haven't Written It.) The Moon Witch The Penny The Persuasive Sale - An Iguana Story The Terribly Moonlit Garden The Thievin' Parrot The Town Of Huxley The Ugliest Woman

Danielle N. Pavone

Just a Few

Danielle Warrington

Do and Dont

Danny Kinser

Life Story Racial Intolerance



Dara Parker

My Mother Was a Society Girl

Darelyn David

Artificial Propagation: Paving the path for what Future?

Darren James Stott

Broken Home Online Crime Sarah Says


Over One Hundred Thousand Hours 21st Century Day

Dave Chukwuji

Behind Closed Doors Eden It's That Time of Year Katrina Our Image Peaceful Place Rain Dance The Dark Side Of The Moon The Wrong Kind Of Hero

Dave Frazier

A Poem A Rose A Winter's Day As Sad Eyes Cried Breezesongs Crush Me Or Caress Me Do Tickle My Fancy Dream Angel Earth-Sense Fallow Fields

Fishy-Love Gentle Night To Steal My Love God Calls Me Greetings I Missed You If Ever Were I Limerick #1 Limerick #3 Love Poem To My Wife Love's Hope

Love's Passion My Maiden of the Lakes Oh Beautiful Butterfly Passion Flows Upon Page Red Rage - Part One Red Rage - Part Two Smile So Far Away So Long Ago... Society's Ghosts

The Apple The Dancer The Ghost on the Stairs The God I Know The Kiss The Words I Need Thoughts Tiny Little Periwinkle Warrior

David A. Gillaspie

A Father's Duty At The End A View Of Joe

David Bruce Mattle


David C. Card

Claudia and the Man in the Overcoat Hall of Mirrors Living Yesterday Tomorrow

David Duke Ujah

An Indispensable Phenomenon

David H

Spring Rain

David J. Collins

Dark Side of Genius Denouement Female Perfection Lesson in Appreciation Love Rejected Outcome Pre-determined Power of Words Telos Moral(es) Adam The Bitter Sweet The Exchange The Great Deception

The Hand of God What Would I Say? Without Doubt

David Lewis Clay Jr.

What She Wants

David Nuffer

Dreaming Heart Ghazal 1 Pink December Morning The Empty Room What God Made

David Robinson

A tale of two stones Growing Up Fast The Hard Way Leaping faith Of Robin Hood, Cracked Pots and Dreams Raindrops The Master Builder To Hear From Heaven The Lamb The Potter’s House

David Rothman

A Broken Dish A Soldier’s Voice An Inspiration Another False Prophet Bill Lundy Bucho Examines Free Speech On The Writers Voice Einstein At The Skirball Finding Love

So What If A Bestseller Isn’t A Masterpiece

David Will

A Half Australian

Dawn Draper

Eternal Love Dance

Dawn Merrow

The People Watcher

Dayna Rae

With Love

Deborah Gelbard

Global Dawn Chapter one Part one The Jerusalem Gig - Extract from “Global Dawn”


Bless the Angels Demons of Old Divine Love The Strength to Endure

Dena Larson

Come Back To Your Heart I Heard Him Say My "Perfect" Old Fence New Flowers Rewind Your Smiles To The Bride You Are My Angel

Deon Mowatt

The New Negro



Derek Bracer

Kids Killing Kids

Derek Irick

Shrouded in Black

Derek J

Who Am I?


Battered by

Devante Awic

Lost Hope - Chapter One Lost Hope - Chapter Two

Devin E. Davidson

A Message For Real, For Real God's Soul Into The Mind Of Love Let the Truth be Told Life Lust Makin' It My First Love My Love for Women

My One And Only Dream One To Remember Reality Still The Reality Of It All This World

Diana Keeton

Fairy Tales Liz Upon This Pond

Diana L. Lambson

What's In A Name

Diane Beauton

Between Two Hearts First of All ... Love If Only Keeper of the Keys My Love... My Friend No Greater Love Than This Secret Things Seek Not Sower of the Seeds The Great Divide

This Broken Heart Without You

Dianne Mary Hamilton

Confused Love Pain

Dimitri Klisho

The Other Day

D.L. Campbell

Rot Junge

Dominic Martia

Dog Tale Hope Springs The Rat Who Showed Up

Donald Mason

Just For a While Mother Night Weaving

Donna Sorensen

Adversity Aging Bully Behavior Butterfly Leilani Memories Old Woman Truth

Donnelly Fenn

Foolishness Gargonza (Italy) Let’s Go New Morning Nothing Treads As Softly The Anchor The Road to Everywhere

Dorothy Ross

Stiff Neck Man

Dr. Dorothy McCoy

The Game

Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

Boom Times Dance of Lust Frenzy of Flesh To Beloved To Nur Jahan!

Dr. Ram Sharma


Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja

A Mystification My life – A Speculation The Irreparable Loss The primrose path The Transport Temblor – the brutal

Dr.Sirisha Dabiru

A Magician Creator My Love My Daddy My Dear Little Boy Pebbles Silence Woman In Woods

Durlabh Singh

A Choice Alchemist Asleep Bitter Lemon Chief Seattle Address Constructions Epping Forest Green Green Hills of Tora I Forgot I Have Longed Lady of Nourishment Obtaka - The Magician

Out Of Africa Rocking Silent Presence Sterile Smile Stonehenge The Bee To Grow To Vincent Trees of Green You Go Alone

Durrell B. Robinson

I Wanted to Write a Poem My Life What Is Love

Dusdee Bland

Dead Summer Aftermath Innocence

Dusty Rae


Dwayne Johnson


Dwyer Leahy Vessey

A Gumball God Blaze Does god love me? Steering

E. M. Anderson


E.P. McKnight

Daredevil Of The Sky Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, The Majorette

E. Peng


Earl Love

What Is Love

Edgar Bates

Personal Responsibility

Edie Miller

Flowers January

Edna B

Born To Be Mine His Eyes Are My Eyes

Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

14 August (The Freedom Day of Pakistan) Ability A Calling Voice A Sojourn to Another Marriage A Dreary Sea A Look into Inside An Obscure Sojourn A Silent Awe A Sublime Soul A Wise and a Shrewd Man

Beauty That Grows Better You Forget Me Part-I Better You Forget Me Part-II Better You Forget Me Part-III Better You Forget Me Part-IV Better You Forget Me Part-V But the Human Heart Deeds and Misdeeds Do Not Slight Off Man Every Person is Fond of

Fear Freedom of Speech Global Reasoning Global Reasoning Vs Extremism, Fanaticism, Terrorism Great Men Gurya Haani Comes To Explain It I Am A Drone Idle Tears If You Wish to Make Your Day Sweet I Heave the Balmiest Sigh

In Our Forced Dreams In Search of Peace In the Canopy of Light In the Casements of Memories In the Depth of My Heart It is Better To Smile In The Ambition of In The Memory of Benazir Bhutto In Your Absence It Usually Happens Katrina Hurricane

Keep the Doors Locked at Night? Knocking at the Heart Love, Beauty and Truth Love Does Not Allow You Love is Noble, Love is Generous My Inner Voice Needless Exertion Obscure Sojourn O, My Friend O, my Lovely Child

Our Dreams Rani Panorama of Human Society Perhaps I Am Missing From My Land Politics of the World Private Talks Recollections Restore Confidence of Man in Man Saifu Shake Away the Gloomy Doubts Sonnet 1 Sonnet 2

Standing Upon the Lonesome Shore Still There Are Persons Still There Are Persons (Dedicated to Mohammed Bashir Jaafer) Sweet Hope Sweet Memories That is a Strange Experience The Abandoned Hope The Abhorred Thralldom The Ancient Envy The Blizzard of Cold Feelings

The Celestial Light The Creative Itch The Bike The Bliss of Fair Labour The Creative Itch The Cry of the Innocent The Decay of a Society The Destinies of Nations The Drama of the Absurd The Fools of Comedies

The Ghost of Social Justice The Harbingers of Light The Human Heart Has Become Deaf The Impetus of Humanity The Inner Distractions The Itching Palms The Lost World The Love of Friends The Mists and Vapours Would Soon Clear The Musical Chair

The Old Men and the Thinkers The Over Reaching Bough The Recovery The Sounds of Love and Fear The Sacred Song Has Vacated Us The Soul of Man The Time is Playing All the Tricks The Torments of Love The Triangle The Venom of Spleen

The Voice of a Common Pakistani The Waited Sun This is All for You to Think There is a Supreme Soul There is No Room for the Wind There was a Friend of Mine Trust In God Unfit For Exposition Vanity We Are Men Not Angles

We Lose our Real Happiness What Can All This Progress Avail What Generates Terrorism What has happened to man? Whenever I am in Wild Raptures When I am Left Alone When Judged In Haste Where Is The Land of Peace Where Lies the Truth You May Not Worry Much

Eileen Register

Amazing Grace A Conversation

Elaine Hughes

September Eleventh

Elaine Lester

A Friend

Elen Turner

Why Should I Learn This

Elijah A. Lamaster

When I Looked In Your Eyes

Elisa Berman

Changes of Life

Elizabeth Broomfield

Before Your Eyes

Elizabeth Finn

(Dis) Illusions Generation Yuppie Hands My Country 'Tis of Thee Temperate

Elizabeth Jones

Darkness Home Just A Dream Of You My Mother Thoughts Of An Ending Relationship

Elizabeth M. Hauptmann

September 11 Teardrops

Elizabeth Maua Taylor

5150 - A Dramatic Monologue Another Poet August Blue Brownie Catlife Chronic Sorrow - A One-Act Monologue Danielle, On Her Twelfth Birthday Lover Sage and Candace

Salt Water Kiss Snail Killer The Bottom Line The Map The Martyred Villanelle for the Forgotten

Emil Di Motta

MayDay! MayDay! Stark Terror!

Emily Edmiston


Emily Lain

Carrot and Pumpkin Ginger and Tabi The Earth and It's People Tumble

Emily Marsham

Coloured Ribbons I Was, I Am Star Gazer Understanding

Emily Maus


Emily S. Janiak

"Look At The Lovely People!" Someday Soon


Alone Again

Emma Meade

Shards of Heartbreak I'm Sorry

Epp Härm


Eric Charles

Darkness, Darkness Do You Feel Just A Song Like A River Looking At The World Love Gods No Reason Point of You? Running Starry Eyes

Something More? Two Bit Tune

Eric Michael Hines

Chesapeake To Uplift One's Self The Birth of Enigma The Child of True Power The Restless Wanderer The Road Until Forever The Struggle of the Flower The War of Virgimoor

Eric Rodriguez

Hunted My Dad's Gun On Ghostly Grounds - Forward On Ghostly Grounds Ch 1 The Black Box The Vow - A Halloween Story

Erica Pacal


Erik Bradstreet

The Hoard

Erma Jean Crinkles

The Laundry Elf

Ernie S. Ellis


Ernest Dempsey

Gliding to Heavens


Italian Poetries (32)

Evan Cole

I Wish You'd Die Tonight

Eve Hall


Fahima Yousouf

A Day in a Doc's Life Challenged to Live Great Expectations Life Sans Love Wedding bells Midnight Terror Travelling Blues Your Days Are Numbered

Faith Cheltenham

Crusade Dumped I Once Was A Tree

Fay Black

Naked Face


Immortal Love

Fraser Mackay

Within Reach

Frances Haynes

The Dance

Frances Mackay

The Conspiracy The Wolf's Tale Walking to School

Frank Blacharczyk

Absalom our Absalom After the Fog Angels in the midst of Rage Arguing with Myself Between Heaven and Hell I'm gonna die I saw His Forearms Love Mirror Mirror My Country and Western Song No Escape Save Us From Ourselves Simplicity (Don and Joan) The Bait The Reluctant Hero We are in this Together Xavier You Devil

Frank King

The Game

Frank Williams

Cry Alone For A Girl How Can I Make You Happy How I Feel I Need To Be With You I Never Knew Now That I'm Alone Now That You're Alone Time

Fred Lane

America is the Loser

G. Scott Compton


GR Oliver

Red Racer



Gabriele Marks

Awe to Nature

Gala Ruiz Maldonado

A Painful History All People Need Love All Mine Because of Me Because You Love Me Cut and Bleed Distorted Image Dream Echo Freedom

Giving Up Mind Reader I Think Of You I Need You I Promise... My Cure My Music My Suicide My Wonderland Only This Time

Payment Plan Seeing Isn't Knowing September 4, 2003 So Called Promises The War Things That Can't Be Said Transitions of a Broken Heart Tree Uncertainty What Can You See?

While You Are Gone Within Your Arms I Lay Who Am I Writer's block


The Game

Gareth Wheeler

Chaos Perfected. The Idea of Words. Force Majeure Heal Yourself America Moist dew drop. I am You are like no other

Gary Gordon

Darkened Dreams Everyone's a Criminal Goth Culture If God Didn't Mean... It Cant End Like This Now Sam Schpade Private Detective

Gavin Lake

The Illness

Gayle Thompson

My Protector The Crow

George H. Lafferty

A Dragon's Death Campground Killer The Reluctant Hero War Parties

Georgiann Baldino

The Mission

Gerald Locklin


Geraldine Cook Davis

Calling Dr. Stein Remembrance Salvation Summer Treats Ten Pens The ET Connection Things Aren't What They Seem 'Til Death Do We Part

Giancarlo Buono-Pannini

Lamentable Enterprise

Gill James

The Gem Sharers



Gloria C. Herrmann




Greg Blackburn

Preparing For The Apocalypse

Gregory J. Rummo

A Father's Commencement Address A Letter From Summer Camp A Letter to My Adopted Daughter's Mother America Worries Again About Nuclear Attack America's Home-grown 'Baghdad Bob's' Airline Security More Efficient, But is it Safe to Fly? Backyard Caches of Weapons of Mass Destruction Birdfeeders -- More Harm than Good? Bitterness, Hatred Blinding Many Journalists Boyhood Memories from 'Tornado Alley'

Christmas 'Revelation' Shapes Next Generation's Traditions Colin Powell's Smoking Guns Come Out Blazing Columbia Touched Our Souls Columnist in Good Company with Aquinas, Augustine, Paul and Jesus Deliver 'US' From Liberals Discretion Will Ward Off Monsters from the Pit of Hell Drought in Northeast Could Be a Lot Worse Educators Should Level with Students About Blame for Nine-Eleven Eight Years of Clinton's Dirty Diapers Evolutionists Admit 'How Much We Don't Know'

First Snow Provides Food for Thought For the Latest in Weather Tune in ESPN Global Catastrophe God’s Kingdom the Latest to Rule Mexico’s Yucatan Growth of US Economy in the Hands of the Military Hellfires and Hell Fire in the War Against Terrorism If You Are a Liberal, June Wasn't Your Month Ignore Ten Commandments, "Reap What You Sow" Jesus Would Have Bombed Baghdad Lessons in Boyhood, Manhood Learned on the Rio Sarapiqui

Lessons in Godliness, Contentment from the Rain Forest Let Us Give Thanks Little League Baseball Is Supposed to Be Fun Live on a Farm, Eat all the Oreos You Want More Bear Mail Unleashes Male Bear Mother Teresa's Life - A Challenge To Us All Order in the Court: I'll Take Two Eggs Over Easy and Pass the Biscuits Playing Charades at 35,000 Feet with Sarah Ferguson Power, Wonder Working Power President Bush Continues to Pilot Nation ‘On Course’

Preventing Fear from Becoming Hatred Progress Toward Banning Abortions? Real Words Have Real Consequences Recently Reported Health Benefits of Red Wine are Dead Wrong Remembering 9-11 as a Day of Prayer Rx for Urban Sprawl Sniper's Murderous Hatred: Not Funny Spring's Here -- Finally Sussex Fair Shows New Jersey At Its Best The Generation of Risk Takers that Evolved from the ‘Stone Age’

The Stock Market Survived the S&L Crisis - It'll Survive This One Too Wars and Rumors of Wars Will Bush’s Tax Cut Stimulate the Economy, Create New Jobs? Without Chanukah, There Could be no Christmas ‘Woe’ to Those Who Would Remove Ten Commandments WorldCom’s Woes Reminiscent of a Three Stooges Routine

Griffin Winney

Dragons Race Owning Seek

Gweniva Stubbs

Are You a Teen? Who I Am

H. Diggory

Cold Hands Hungry Sylvia

H. Nichols

Life's Lessons

H. O. Wells


Hae Won Park


Hannah Torres


Harold E Pruett


Harry Buschman

A Special Collection of 37 short stories The Westlake Village Collection.

A Special Collection of 26 short stories The Tenement Collection

2nd Soldier, 1st Clown A Christmas Story A Dog's Life A little After October 23, 1929 About Time A Fine Time to Die A Full Deck A Funny Thing Happened A Knight in New York A Little Love Music

A Man of Discretion A Minor Miracle A New Year for Hildy Mercer A Picture to Remember A Single Life A Sudden Stillness A Question of Values A Vulgar Woman Alice's Men Ardsly and Lotte Chapter from "Westlake Village" Aggies Ghost

Are You Sure You're Sick? Ashes of Roses Battersea Bridge Black-out Bottoms Up Breakfast in Milano Breakwater Rocks Broken Windows Brother Godfinger Burning Bridges

Charlie’s Night Cho-Cho-San Circles Come Home Margaret Compulsion Days of Our Years - Part One Days of Our Years - Part Two Days of Our Years - Part Three Days of Our Years - Part Four Dearest Eliot

Diary Don’t Call Tonight Down and Out Dream Girl Drifting Eva's Beads Fine Points of Law Fool on the Hill For the Soul of Edward Dean Hazlitt For These Thy Gifts

Formula One Givin' It To Rudy Genesis 19 God's Country Going Around Again Going First Class Goodbye Randy Lovelock Good Night Sweet Prince Grandpa's Gardenias Hamelin, PA

Harley, Aggie and the Bitch Harry Tarr, Photographer Hill and Bill His Master's Voice HMS Pinafore Home Alone House of Diamonds House of Passion I Am A Word Processor I Can't Say ****

I Hardly Knew Him I Love New York Ignorant Armies In Here Incident in Muttontown Independence Day It Ain't Necessarily So Jury Pool Junkie (a portrait) Kissing Cousins Kiss Me, Miss Erato

Knight's Move Knollwood L’Chaim Last Lunch With Lily Letting George Do It Life and Death in Venice Life’s Labyrinth Living Together Lizardo, the Bog Man Looking Ahead

Madama Butterfly Martin Buber's Thing Marvin’s Obsession Memories of Grand-Pere Merlin’s Recipe Miracle of the Birds Miracle of the Empress Diner Molly’s Place Mother's Day My Dearest Susan

My Stories My Way, Your Way Never the Twain No Black Haircut "Westlake Village" No One Ever Tells You Nothing Is Forever Nude in the Window Off the Square Old Folks at Home Omaha

Our Fathers On the Kissing of Bella Shapiro On the Other Hand One Way Street Outside the Lines Pigeons Prom Night Redondo Rose REMUS Revenge of the Drop Cloth

River Run Rocco’s Place Role Playing Sailing to Buffalo Scattering Simon Schmidt's Radio Seeing New Jersey Short One Teat Single Word Prompt So Much to Learn

Some Notes on Characterization Son of Mehitabel Sparrow’s Hand Starting Over St. Valentine's Day Stretching It Street of Dreams Sunset Land Survivors The Accompanist.

The Apple Orchard The Augie The Bed by the Window The Beginning The Bell and the Bride The Bridge The Bus to Bridgeport The Chauvinist The Confession The Dangerous Summer

The Devil You Know The Ecstasy and the Agony Part One - Steeplechase The Ecstasy and the Agony Part Two - Bitter Rice The Eden Musee The Eye The Fall of France The Fire Inside The Flood The Girl in the Green Shawl The Gwendolyne

The Hand Of The Master The Innocents The Interrupted Tryst The Irresistible Force The Italian Lesson The Last Believer The Last Intermission The Last Supper The Legend of the Aspen (An Indian Legend) The Legend of the Little Beggar Boy

The Light Brown Suit The Lord’s Press The Lost Generatio The Love of Her Father The Man By the Window The Man I Was The Man Who Couldn't Fly The Man Who Married Lily Bart The Merry Widower The Modification

The Muse of Houston Street The Name With No Man The New CEO The Ninth Candle - Novel Excerpt The Partner The Piano The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part One - The Grievin' The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part Two - The Layin' In The Passing of Willie Monahan - Part Three - Odd Man In The Poet Speaks

The Proposal The Prisoner The PS 9 Nine The Rainbow Diner - Part One The Rainbow Diner - Part Two The Rainbow Diner - Part Three The Real Thing The Resurrection The Road to Manhood The Scarecrow

The Scroll The Sentinel The Spectator The Television Set The Tenants The Third Door The Top Floor The Waiter The Watchwoman The Word From Whitney

The Zacharias Decision Through the Looking Glass Tomorrow’s Friday Trinity Truth or Consequence Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me - (Ofavon) Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me. Twin Beds Two Hour Delay Two T's in Watteau

Two Thousand Passions Upon the Occasion of Our Punch and Judy Pageant Uptown Saturday Night Valentine's Day View From the Fiction Shelf Village Strawberry Festival Waiting Walter Ciardi Wanting to Believe What Kind of German? Wheat Field With Crows

When I Grow Up Winning Tessie Woody’s Epitaph Your Life is in Your Wallet

Hazel Suitor

Mississippi In-Laws You Gotta Prove Your Love To Me


I Would

Heather Brower

A Calming Force A Truth For You Biting My Tongue Fall Storm Lover Us Drunken Stands

Heather Donovan

It's Only a Dream

Hebatullah Kalimee

The Way of Heart

Heidi H. Baker

Scientific Crap

Heidi Yang

Angel Angel - Rewrite An Angel's Tears A Friend of a Goth Person Cold Compromise Falling Falling Blood Stars First Date Flirting with Fire Gotta Do It I'm Grateful for My Friends

Jake's Dad Chapter One - Two Jake's Dad Chapter Twelve Memories Pain Part 1 Pain Part 2 Pain Part 3 Perfect Precious Pretend Rainfall Rantings, Ravings and Religion Sick Thank You The Car

The Cycle of Spring The Phoenix Girl The Problem These Visions Time Unforgettable Night Untitled Work Why You Left Me Here

Helen Garvey

Daddy's Love Will You Be My Godfather

Henry Igbinedion

Africa Weeps Beichuan 7.9 Benin Empire Jail June 21 Metamorphosis Lest I forget Ravages of a kingdom Terra Firma The brilliant dunces The coming Rebirth The storm They perished This night Where Are Thy Prophets?

Hermella Yilma

My Dream is to become a Star


Higher Authority Praising Me Silenced What I Ask Of You

Howard Tooley

A Tiger's Love

Hristo Karastoyanov

Down On The Road To Hell

Ifejikan Okonkwo

Nnewi Pride

J Broyles

The Table

J. D. Howell

Chaos of Confusion

J. L. Evans

Poetic Justice Sara Ann The Voices

J. Wilder

Unreasonable Progress Chapter One Unreasonable Progress Chapter Two Unreasonable Progress Chapter Three Unreasonable Progress Chapter Four

Jacob Rabbitt

The Master Death Chapter 1 The Master Death Chapter 2 Princesses Of Ganlot - Wizard's Tale

Jacenta Aibangbee

From Where Thou Comest Love I Dare To Say No Sacrilege Ole Mrs. Wallowbe Unloved

Jack Mann

A Day To Remember A Frog Named Lee A Love Not Forgotten A Message to the Lonely A Search for the Other Half Christmas is for Kids Building Your Own Computer Freedom Friend or Foe Halloween Healing

Holidays I Will Never Walk Alone I Wonder Life Goes On Life's Treadmill Living In A Trailer House Mother-In-Law Moving To Alaska My Baby Boy My Second Daughter

My Wife My Lover My Friend Policemen The Downfall of Communism The Farmers Fat Fish The Last Living Saint The Little Kitty The Middle Son The Owl and the Mouse The Owl and the Mouse and the Big Apple Tree The Owl and the Mouse Get Names

The Owl and the Mouse Get Out of the House The Owl and the Mouse Meet Samson the Beast The Owl and the Mouse Meet Smile The Owl and the Mouse Meet Stinky Snake To My Little Girl To My Oldest Son Dubby Where Have All the Children Gone Why Can't We All Just Get Along Wisdom

Jack Windsor

A Twist in the Tail Swallow Close The Flight of the Swan The Hairy Ghost The Park The Rat from the River The Wild Granny Hunt

Jackie Graves

Packing for Paris

Jacky den Houting

Beyond Their Years

James K. Pirtle

The Barber's New Seville

James L. N. G. Hamilton

The Treasures of the Snow

James Morford

The Eaves Dropper

James Ross

Aphrodite The Sin Eater

Jamie Bernard


Jamie Kay

I Met An Angel

Jan Henry


Jan-Jaap Reinders

‘Cyprian moon’ ‘My Venus’ ‘Our Neurotic urge’

Jan Swinton

Field of Dreams

Jan Theuninck

Polygon Wood Silence ! Tyne Cot

Jane Fox

Bag Lady Josh's Car Is Crushed Wal-Mart Underwear When Letters Fight Back

Janeece Vance

A Slave's Dream Overcoming the Odds On the Street of the Bronx Daddy Never Knew Me

Janelle Zimmerman

My Trip to the Bridge The Opposite of Hopeless

Janet Owenby

Heaven's Ballet Of Resurrection Regina's Miracle Rosie the Bag Lady Special Flowers in Heaven Victim of Mortal Art Voices in The Cellar

Janeece McCullough

Lou-Lou the Goose & Nonna Bonna Bear Adventures

Janice Engle

Granny Angel's Tears Awakening Dear Jerome God’s Creatures Old Man Winter One Cabin Boy Pickled Turnips and Jam and a Dish flopping fish Seasons The Crown of spring

Janice Wu

Benchwarmer Ring Switzerland Island Trapped Turtle

Jannie Balliett

Dieudonne The Tail That Wagged The Dog

Jared Simmons

Black Heart of Dixie Inside


Prince Sirion - Chapter One Prince Sirion - Chapter Two

Tamer of Dragons - Part One Tamer of Dragons - Part Two

Jasmine Nasser

The Power to Choose



Jason Ryan Qualls

Darkness Dream Come True How Many Tears Lonely Lonely Love Silent Screams This Love I Have For You Wasted Tears Winter Rain

Jax Rerun

An Unsettling Settlement - Why CBC workers aren't smiling My Hero The Shells of 1988

Jay Young

Time After Time

Jazmyn A. Hallman

I Believe Let Me Be Free Trapped

Jean Fox


Jean Thomas

Every Child's Wish

Jeanette Cooper

An Old Oak Tree

Jeanette Elizabeth

February Escape

Jeff Gerstenfeld


Jeff Schleis

My Darling

Jefferson Hennessy

Dark Horse 2001: In Memorium of George Harrison

Jenn Van Massenhoven

Beliefs Life the Way It Needs To Be My Journey My Son The Power of One Young Boy

Jennie Marquez

Poetry 21


A hundred things To Dad....

Jennifer Bros


Jennifer Hansen

A Friend For Life An Eternal Friend Losing Touch Love Gone My Angel When Love Dies

Jennifer Lambe

Benches Squirrel Winter

Jennifer Lawson

Change Tears

Jennifer Mary Feinstein

Could it be a Problem With My Puzzle?

Jennifer Morton

Away From the Sun Raven Feathers

Jennifer Thomas

Pieces of Me

Jenny Ano


Jenny Olson

When God Calls

Jeremy M. Trimble

Jasmine the Most Beautiful Flower

Jeremy Manning

Through The Valley Of The Storm The Soul Collector

Jerry DeKeyser

Sun's Light

Jerry Hyatt

As The Circle Goes

Jerry Nicholas


Jerry Vilhotti

A Cold Ice Dream A Tree in the Forest Chipped Bricks Deep Colors in Threes Going to Saint Mike No Child Left Behind Silver Diamonds

Jerry Welsh

Trading Places

Jerrod Foley

I knew a kid once way out West

Jess Benoualid

For You My Love


Friendship Time

Jessica Cordova

Loving Me Again Sweet Lies Trust

Jessica Dawn Clingempeel

Amazons Chosen One Civil War Eve Jesus Livia: Champion of Rome Look ( A Letter to Jesus about the War) Remembering The Image Teenage Plead The Things I am Wondering

Jessica H

Shock Absorbers

Jessica Jacobsen

Simon’s Poem

Jessica Protzman

Remember Suicide Thoughts Think Who Are You?

Jessica Robinson


Jessica Sayer

A Guide to My Waters A Walk Down Memory Lane Amend Thy Heart An Honest Man and His Best Friend Is Santa Really Santa Claus? Mirror Mirror in Twenty Years Oath Screaming at Fate The Awful Smells The Last Night

The Wait, The Impatience, The Excuse The Question To Kill Our Tree Umbrage What Am I Obvious

Jessica Summers

Depression Great Grandma No Need Our Relationship What To Do...

Jessie Ingram


Jim Ciccolini

All or Nothing Anxiously Dreaming Canamo Epilogue Evolution and Revolution Forsaken In Search of Ideal Love's Parable Life's Parody My Heart's Resurrection Oubliette Surreal Reality

The Intoxication of Intimacy Wasted

Jim Morrell III

Meeting Benny Partying with Jesus

Jimmy Clarke

Death of the Circus

Jimmy Fenerty

My Little Sister's Sweatshirt

Joanna Rozo

Acid 6 Poems Closer Closet Diaries Drown Felix Halfway Gone June Lovely More Than Just Words Paramour Red

Self-Esteem Starlyn Song For Her Static Sunshine The Grim Reaper Unrealistic

Jo Ann Mann

Blind Date How My Husband Lost His Teeth If I Were God Living in a Trailer House Snuff The Farmer and His Corn What Am I Worth What If Wishing Daddy Out of Heaven

Jodi Ebbesen

Goodbye Patisjazie Uncle Carl

Joe Bageant

Ranting in the Belly of the confederacy

Joe Leeta Outlaw

Statutory Rape

Joe Rosochacki

Forever Changing Ivory Snow Soap Ode to the 'Bird" S P Q R The Top When Shit Hits the Fan in Zero-G Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Starr Rum?

Joel Atkins

The Simple Complexities Of Life

Johanna Albee

A Souls Whisper A Woman Choice Dear Sister Deceptive Seduction Does it Matter Kathleen Lovers' Kiss Still Music's Journey Red Rain This Poets Prayer Windows

John A. Wilson

Fifty Eight Thousand Names Loren The Black Girl My Strongest Need The Travelling Wall

John S. Albanes

Whisper Superfluous

John Foster

Sometimes The Danger of Grandchildren The Grave The Traveller The Secret Lake

John Lenore


John-Michael Bender

Soldier Through This

John Roubal


Jolanta Gradowicz

A Drop of Water A Feeling A Flower A Game A Girl at a Bus Stop A Legend A Little Dream A Love Drink Always When You Go Away A Not Called Feeling A Not Carried Out Talk A Piece of Paper

A Prosaic Problem A Sunbeam A Wave of Love Admiral Nelson’s Death - Event Reconstruction After Years An Accident An Autumn Leaf Anew Aunt Maria Baby Christmas Wishes Dance Dilemmas

Don’t Write the Last Letter to Me Father Fire (to Linda) Help Him, God Hope I Can’t Live Without Your Smile I Caught a Speck of Happiness I Fear Again I Learn to Live Without You I Left You I Light Candles on Your Grave I Saw You Praying

If I Didn’t Manage to Do It I’m Selling Dreams I’m Writing to You out of Habit In a Waiting Room Is It All Just a Memory? It Does Happen It Will It's All Gone Life Living Here by Hacker

We Are Too Romantic Lonnie Longing Minister’ Conscience Misinterpretation More or Less Morning Mom My Kindred Soul My Idea My Lips Hurt Not Being Kissed

My Lullaby for You My Poor Happiness Not Yet One Existence Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony! She Set Her Mind Some Day I Will Be Born Anew Temptation The Little Cross The Path

Thank You For Your Being Tick, Tick, Tick To Every One There Will Never Be a Better Time To a Sculptor To Emily D. To My Distant Friend We’ll Go... When Will You Be Back? Without You

Jon Harding

Circumstance The World-Enders What Peace There May Be In Silence

Jonathan Isenor

A Flaming Arrow Alone An Angel At My Side A Writer's Passion Answers Believing In Yourself Breaking The Cycle Can’t Hold Me Back Change Complexity

Dead But Not Long Denial Don't Look Back Despair Easy To Judge Without Knowing Enough Everywhere I Look Factors Fighting Finding Yourself

Friendship Help Hollow Home Hope Hope 2 I Miss You In the Blink of an Eye Life Linked

Lost Messages Needing Time To Come Around Never Again One Over Peace Pushed Too Far Redfield's Mansion Rebuilt

Reopened Reflection Special Spirit Strength Strong Enough Sweet Dreams The Becoming The Challenger of Fate The Flow of Life

The Three Building Blocks Of Friendship The Once Golden City The Path The Seven Sages The World on My Shoulders Thoughts To Be Me True To Yourself Trust Without

Who I Am Worried Worth It Worth Saving

Jonathan Kronstadt

Son of Squirrel

Jordan Compton


Jordan Gass-Poore

Disintegration of a Nation

Joseph Birnbaum

A People are We Bread to Dust Breathe, and never Forget Intrepid Thoughts Leaves and Salt Season's Sweet Song The Way This way is Long Where You Are

Josh Albrechtsen

The Shadow Government

Josh Grot

A Father's Reward

Josh Richey

Nothing Better

Joshua Luchau

Field of Loneliness

Joshua M. Allen

Disrupting Dance Lost talent The Glove The Half-Man

Juan Alberto Rogue

Her Old Man

Jude Aher

A Quiet Soul Eyes Just a Woman River Wind She Walks on by... So Lost Sweet Pattern They Dance Together Years Turning Road Blues 71

Judy Walker

Perilous Edge

June Bug

Stuck LaLa Land Horsefeathers Ch1 Horsefeathers Ch2

June Harcourt

The Promise E*S*E Chapter one The Promise E*S*E Chapter Two The Promise E*S*E Chapter Three

Justin St. Pierre

A Broom and a Typewriter A Lover's Dream For What Ails the Night Realization Sonnet for a Rebel Angel

Jutta Zapf

Back to School

Karen Pospisil

Ode to Bladder Control Ode to the Tax Man Paradise Found

Karen Sideris

Bio-Hazard, What is War Dora's Corner Office Mud Castles The Shipment

Karen Todd

The Many Gifts of Christmas

Karen {Zulu}

Limits Paper Towel The Color of a Soul

Kasara Robinson


Kassy Yeakey

One Day Remember That Special Someone


Memories Something Called Hope

Kate DeFrank

A Loving Vengeance

Katherine Lynn Charland

Coming Back To Center Fear Late Bloomer Pushing Forty To Many Questions

Kathiravan Kandasamy

I'll Never Get Tired My Guiding Star

Kathleen Lank

Now You Know Your ABC's Suck It Up The Dangerous Road

Kathryn Charak

Shattered Dreams The Gift of Life

Kathy Anne Young

A Special Thank you

Kathy L Martin

Black Like me Our Miracle boy, Keiland Saddam Hussein The “N” Word We better wake up



Kati Gaustad

The Party




Black Men White Women

Kayla Wright

Ode to the Cheating Boyfriend

Keith Robson

Blood and roses Crucifix Fireside lace In my mind's eye Love-lies-bleeding Paradise lost Patience and dignity So still runs the river Song to Salvador Worldsong

Kelli Klabenes

Jesus Saved Me

Kelly Dain


Kelly Gordon

You Said You Cared

Kelly Nosé

Your Everyday

Kelsey M

Is suicide painless?

Ken Bushnell

A Brief Infatuation Babe Magnets Barney's Market Burn Out on the Bubble Wrap Line Easy Money at the Travelling Antique Show Mole Exterminator Socks The End of the Road The Nature of Man The Spirited Debate Between Men and Women

To Spell Check or not to Spell Check

Kendall Messner

Edges of the Treadmill Past Sleep Porch Swing Rip Tide Technical Relief

Kendra Hughes

Outshining The Sun


A Poetic Journey of Love and Honor Tears From My Heart

Kenneth Aaron

Jordache Boy

Kevin B. Duxbury

For the Love of Clones Love Knows No Boundaries The Virgin Maria Where Sierra Highway Meets Pearblossom


It's Not Just About Me Anymore

Kim Knight

Cold Presence Manson Fans Wrongly Accused as Columbine Killers Peace Words on a Breeze

Kimberly Canyon

An Interesting Idea Chapter One An Interesting Idea Chapter Two An Interesting Idea Chapter Three An Interesting Idea Chapter Four An Interesting Idea Chapter Five An Interesting Idea Chapter Six An Interesting Idea Chapter Seven An Interesting Idea Chapter Eight An Interesting Idea Chapter Nine

Kimberly Hunt

Broken Promises Doubtless Goodbye If Introspection Nothing New She Smothering Me The Enemy The Time

There Was A Time To Make You Want Me Too Familiar When I Close My Eyes Where I Belong You Your Memory

Kimberly Mize


Kimberly Osburn

Clear Starry Sky Oceans of Time Paint River Painting the Clouds Sweet Dreams

Kimberly Wallace

How Can I See

Kimberly Woods

Dreaming Some times The Storm Us Wishing I was there

Kirby Wright

Grandma on the Phone On Ocean Street, Carlsbad, California

Kirsten Sorensen

Back and Forth

Krista Jefferies


Kristen Lacoste

I Hold In My Hand

Kristie Kusch

Denial and Disillusion

Krystal Jackson

A Happy Cry I See My Place Please Find A Cure This World We All Stopped Caring Where I Want to Be

Kyle Blount

Anyway Fire Mikey's Gone Away (a dramatic monologue)

Kylie Johnston

I was sore all over

L.J. Brown


L Sailaja

Teacher, Where Are The Towers?

Lana Star

The Ark Ch.1 The Ark Ch.2 The Ark Ch.3 The Ark Ch.4

Black Magic Ch.1 Black Magic Ch.2 Black Magic Ch.3 Black Magic Ch.4

Lance Sheldon


Laryalee Fraser

Toward Morning's Horizon Rainbow Tears Buttercup Dreams and Other Colors

Larisa Lora Schvartsman

Betwixt Joy Love Nothing Is Ever Enough Or Love Will Get Bored Purpose of the Heart Regardless Sitting At My Feet Soundless Words Speak Your Love

To My First Born Was it so Selfish?

Latisha Lyles

A Woman

Laura Beth

A Lost Friendship Paralleled Life

Laura W


Lauren Gould

A 12 Year Old Girl Died Today

Lauren Heeke

The Boy Who Never Was The Train Tracks

Lauren Schneider

Goodbyes Sensitivity Unanswered Questions

Leah Aplin

Under the Bed

Leetal L




Leigh Charest

Prologue to Unnamed Novel

Leisha Arnts

Christmas The Wall

LeRoy Coffie

My Baby Little Baby Poetry

Liam Brennan

Big Apple: Rotten to the Core Daddy The Dark Ones The Silent Inmate

Lil Juicy CC

Moving On

Lin Xinni

A Poem 4 U

Lin Xinying

Years Before, Only After

Linda Dousay

A Sign A Will to Survive For You I Have a Dream le dragon Louisiana Laignappe Mr. G's Latin E's One Thousand Minutes More On Heaven's Throne Only Three Words Papa's New Baby Paved With Diamonds

Remember You? Southern Comfort The Ballad of Crazy Old Al The Poet's Call The Rainbow The Sacrifice The Seer The Wonder of it All


A Hurting City The Day of the Jolly Rancher

Lisa Bartley-Lacey

Black Man Why They Call You That Fathers" Like You Images of Mama Like I Like My Sistas' Skin UnChained SphinX

Lisa Dennis

Stacking Hay

Lisa Ferrer

A Garden For Us As I Walk Angel Cast Footsteps 47 Chestnut Street Spell Caster The Color Purple The Visitor

Lisa Patton

Bobby Black Bird

Little Nikita

5 Little Poems All I Want Is To Be Free All I Want Is You Angel Who Rescued Me Angel (duet) Angels By My Side Baby Let Me Be The One Deep Water If I Had One More Day Innocence of a Young Girl

Little Princess Remembering Return to Innocence Still in Love With You Your Love You Never Really Knew Me

Lizzie Keadan

Learning to Live

Lloyd Hudson Frye

Is There Anything Wrong Officer? Billy Boy and Seabreeze

Lori-Anne Malonson

20713 Happy Time Trust

Lorna Bath

Hot Flash

Lorraine Zaleski

Silly Grandma

Louise Norlie

Toll Taker

Loyal Wray

A Simple Man Daydreams Holding Hands

Loyd David Burt

A Mother's Love A New Day Dawning Declaration of my Love Dreams Immortality Leave a Whisper Teacher Of Righteousness The Kiss The Rhythm of Life The Octogenarian Thoughts in a Flickering Flame Where Broken Hearts Are Healed Where Does Love Go When It Dies?

Lynden Pater

A Million Tiny Pieces Rubble

Lynn Gavilanes

Never Forget

Lynn P Shaw

Flecks of Sand

M. James Lloyd


Mabel Leong

Experience of a lifetime

Macken Flo


Maeve A. E. Faul

Chapters Winter in "Phantastes"

Maggi Johnson

A Brush With Night Eternal Angel Fallen Bloodlust Inside of Me Through the Eyes of an Angel

Maggie Murphy

The Burning Candle Tony's Law Out of the Darkness


  1. 11

Honeysuckle Summer

Mandi Gommel

A Taste of Your Love Cold You Hurt Me


To a Spider

Mandy Jayne Moon

Oh to be loved

Manpreet Kang

A Moment in Time A Grandmother's Love Hopeless Life Reality Check

Mercile Duggan

My Grandmother’s Last Trip to the Outhouse

Margaret Marr

Every Time It Rains Sharing

Maria Deyana

Abrahams Descendant Don't Cry Jelena In The City of Violet Night Stop Imperials Galleons Victim

Maria Paradiso

Emptiness Glimmer of Time Sprinkling Dew Drops of Summer Rain

Maria Reylan Garcia

"A Father.. worried but loving" Because we Bother Candles Flame I don’t know what to say I’m Nothing Without You Love is not a crime Magnum Opus Memories Smile Again for me, won’t you? The Magic Pot What are dreams made of?

Marianna Hernandez

Catharsis of the Soul Double Take On Destiny On the Outskirts of Death Silent Tears Teens With CFS What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Marion Clark

Reflecting in Solitude

Marion Medley


Mark E. Henry Sr.


Mark Gaudet

Jr High

Mark Kolar

Spring Break ’08!!!

Mark McCauley

Fog of Lubec My One-In-A-Million Mom The Arrowhead

Mark Mitchell

Angst, Anger and Agony Another Year is Over Challenge of a New Day

Deafening Silence

Middle Age Contentment My Lover, My Life Passion Renewed Rut or Routine Small House You Say It’s Your Birthday

Mark Sherrill

Another Morning

Mark Ward

First to Kodiak

Marko Lampas

Adriana - Chapter One Manos' Encounter With the Gods My Life In America The Seductress

Marleen Kaatz

Alexis Life is a Toss of a Coin

Marlicia Fernandez

A Cry in the Wilderness Animal Action Ana and the Artifact: Chapter 1 Arrogance Aysha Barriers Dream Scenes Glass Half Full Hansel and Gretal: The Rest of the Story Making Things Right Mind Shards The Visit

Marsha Lanning

Golden Heaven Hell's Angel I love Everything About You I'm Out Of The Dark I Want OUT Let Me Die LIFE LOVE is a Tricky Thing MUSIC UP LOUD My Love NightMares Should I Care? The Voices Where has my Love gone?

Marshall Robert Hann

Dance and Believe

Martin H. Tesler

A Nocturnal Visit Asunder I Was Born May I? No More, My Love Remember Little Joey The Gargoyle Torn

Mary-Ellen Grisham

Cain Denim Dreams Halloween Stew Pumpkin Patch Sand Piper September Scenes Whimsy

Marya Jabeen

Dreams and Fears The Bitter Truth When the first drop of rain fell…

Mathew Robello

A Birthday Wish A Tale of Sadness Alone With My Tears Crimson Tears Heaven Sent I Can See Forever In Your Eyes If You Must Go It's Not Goodbye It's Just Farewell Love Eternally Memory Locked in Rhyme

Smile For Me So Cold A Night Star Crossed Love Why Beneath the Stars

Mathew Thouin


Matt Dotson

Aint It Grand Driftwood Ever Near, Yet Oh So Far Away Routine Days Of work No Key Wasting Time

Matt O'Rear

Unseen Treasure

Matt Robison

Dream or Death

Matteo Calvi

Made Man - Chapter One Made Man - Chapter Two Made Man - Chapter Three Made Man - Chapter Four Made Man - Chapter Five Made Man - Chapter Six Made Man - Chapter Seven Made Man - Chapter Eight

Matthew Grey

Amber An Old Man Crushed Drifting Away Echos Looking, Not Found Our World Solitude Stargazing Unanswered Prayer

Maura Y.

Apartment Number Fifty Two

Maureen White

A Farewell Tribute He Is Much Too Young Incest My Life October 16, 1996 She's Still In Love

Max Hawkins

From Peak to Pit

Meg Ivey


Megan B

I Don't Understand I'm Sorry The Person I Love and Hate You Said You Loved Me

Megan Cary

Famous Last Words

Megan Estey

I'd Rather Eat Glass Maybe

Megan Lisay

A Spring Fling Kinda Thing

Megan Love

Again My Love Hail the Mighty God Cyber Pan's Seduction

Megan O'Neill

In My Dreams

Megan Scott

The Ocean's Peace

Meghan Donner

The Mark

Melissa Areland

Social Anxiety and Restriction

Melissa Barth

Painful Thoughts

Melissa Chin


Melissa DeMedio

A Birds Flight Crystal River Deep in Thought Fading Flower Fear Feelings of Fear Forest Gold Rain Hidden place Locked and Chained Night Sky Path

Red Shadows Some Where The Bleeding Heart The Clearing The Reason The Stars To Find A Memory

Melissa Graham

Sorry, My Mistake

Melissa Someone

Compared to Darkness

Melissa Thompson

When the World Died

Melody Olivadese

The Story of Windows and Doors

Merle Morris

The Garden

Michael Buchanan

Bigfoot Muzzleloading Ghost

Michael A. Nielsen

Bart the Rat in 'One Scary Night' Sluggo The Pretty Horses Universal Laws

Michael Basham

At the Ballpark

Michael Casey

Wipe Out Welfare

Michael D. Holcomb

My Life - 1967-1973 - Part One My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Two My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Three My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Four My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Five My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Six

Michael D. Petti

Before We Part Goddess You Hungry Forevers I Knew Passion Sun and Moon

Michael Faircloth

Fly or Fry Free My Trinity HO HO ho I sit and wonder Just Because My Blue Star My Holiday Thank You Who Am I? Why Do I ?

Souls Warrior - Bane’s Beginning - Chapter One Souls Warrior - A Generally Good Day - Chapter Two Souls Warrior - The New Beginning - Chapter Three Souls Warrior - Back To Work - Chapter Four Souls Warrior - Back To Work - Chapter Five

Souls Warrior - Back To Work - Chapter six Souls Warrior - Back To Work - Chapter seven Souls Warrior - Back To Work - Chapter Eight Souls Warrior - Back To Work - Chapter Nine

Why Write

Michael Icaza

Alkaline breed Scribbles Under Lead Paint Without My Electrons

Michael Everette

It Might Have Worked

Michael Levy

Holding On To Illusions Stardust Memories The Excellent Writer Within

Michaela Obiageli Izuchukwu


Michael Russo

The Prayer My Madorie What's That Feeling?

Michele Fritsch

A Chance

Michelle Le

Dead Romance

Michelle Martin

One Rain Soaked Day

Michelle True

A Poetry Reading Capture The Words Discontented Fall-Winter Haiku Garage Sale Get Lost Grace on Ice (for Michelle Kwan) Hair Obsession Help Desk Prison

Michelle Wood

My Everything

Miconna J Boaldin

There Are Times

Mike Daly

The Jesuit

Mike Metz

Spirit of Pain

Mike Peak

The Many Facets of Time

Mike Steele

Clarity I'm Sorry The Roads

Mike Winters

Now and Forever Salvation With You Always


Catharsis The Girl in the Rain Warm

Min Velora

Grinning Skulls

Minerva T. Bloom

Enter, The Night Life is an Untitled Poem Lost in Your Jungle Moon With Shadows The Poet of Whom I Dreamt One Night

Mira Minkova

Because I Can Canvas Confraternity Divided Drunkard Earth Evening Prayer Going Under The Rainbow Jealousy Jumaya Pazardzhik Portrait of a House Portrait of a Man and Women Stranger

Snippets 3 Tattoo - Life As An Artist The Friday Train The Fat Guy The Old Man The One We Killed The Only Snowflake The One We Killed The Voice of the Poet The Words Of a Writer Time and Me Umbrella's Song Windy Writer

Words Words2 Yesterday - Ages Ago

Miranda Jackson

Only the Best

Mircea Pricãjan

Seven Lives

Molaire Jules

Way Too Caribbean

Monorum Horl

Isolation Motherly Hands Tempests While I Sit Here

Morelle Smith

The Storeroom of Desires

Moushumi Chakrabarty

The Bravest Girl in the World

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

A Man who was a Donkey



Myrna Hernandez

When The World Twirls All In A Hush

N. C. Wallace

The Summer of Sarah

N.E. Elrafei

Broken Destruction Heartbroken

Najma Saeed

What Did I Do Yesterday?

Nan E. Fagan

A Romantic Anniversary Dinner In The Turbulent Sixties

Nancy Brar

Am I Black, Black Child Destiny Fear Free Gal Pal Guy I Used to Know Hide Let Me Be

Magic Hands Point Guard She Surrounded The Bead Necklace The Message - Prologue The Molehill The Mountain Woman The Unexpected - Chapter One Time Together: September 11

War = Death Winged Love

Naresh Sonee

Gave a run He never had fun like us The Woman Slapped Him

Natalia Zaretsky

Oh, Poetry Poem Happens Poet Where Are Those Words?

Natalie Justice

There Is An Ocean Between Us

Natasha Bayes

From One Innocent to Another Trapped By the One Who Set Me Free

Nathan Black

The Adventures of Bruno the Drill Sergeant Yes I'm in a Clique

Nathan Boltz

Sheltered Cove The Rhyme Scheme

Nathan Brotherton


Nathan Duersch

King of the Stream

Nathan Hartswick

On the Road (But How'd It Get There?) Party Purgatory

Nazanin Tajbakhsh

Fly With the Moon

Neeshant Srivastava

Divine Pigeon Karma Yogi

Neil Bridgens

Horses of the Camargue I Grasp Not the Hand If You Were An Angel Let the Light Through the Window The Coming of Age from Boy to Man The Deer The Holy Ghost and the Morning Star

Nettie Torres

Save the Little Children

Niamh A. O'Sullivan

Free From Function One Girl Says

Nicholas Panuzio

Desperately Missing You My Children… My Life... The Porch

Nichole Dunst


Nick Nemeth


Nickolas J. Hoog

Like Time In The Petals Of A Passion Flower

Nicola Ashcroft

Indescribable Beauty Kissing You Majestic mystery Whiskey in a bottle Whispers so sweet

Nicole Higginbotham

Dread Late Night Conversations Love Breaks Barriers Miss One Look

Nicole M Brand

Asylum Awakening The Garden

Nicole Moore

He Shuts Out

Nicole Parreira

Fighting His Own War Perfect

Nicole Starleigh Yeager

A Lesson To Grow On Ambivalent Eyes - Chapter One Ambivalent Eyes - Chapter Two Ambivalent Eyes - Chapter Three Cubicle Woes Dangerous Thinking on a Spring-ish Day Don't Cry Without Me Dormant Wings to Stretch Drowning Free as a Verse

Gentle Giant Hidden Love His Eyes Bear His Pain I'm in Awe In Her Eyes In Her Eyes - Part Two In Her Eyes - Part Three Infamy Again Let Me Fly Let Me Go Alone

Little Bee Love Changes Everything Love Concealed Lovely Radiance Maybe It's You Moon, Shine My Beloved Soldier My Friends Are My Family My Lasting Word Nobody Said It Was Easy

Not Dreaming Anymore Precious Moment Queen Jack, the Humbled Star of Night Tear Stains That Day is Now The Unheard Song There To Fly Tomorrow Will Tell

Under the Moon Unveiling the Truth About Love Walls Around The Heart - Part One Walls Around The Heart - Part Two Walls Around The Heart - Part Three Walls Around The Heart - Part Four Walls Around The Heart - Part Five Walls Around The Heart - Part Six Walls Around The Heart - Part Seven

Nik 091

Sam's Story

Nikki Frankel

On the Brink of Being Lost

Nikki Neel

With Why

Noel Hewitt

Lonely Souls Just for the Moment

Noemi Pina

An Ode to the American Soldier Forevermore


Death Of A Wizard Widow's Walk

Norrah Circe Pllume

The Brother


Barcelona 1938 Conjugal Rights Diary Descent Into the Maelstrom Fur Elise Goodbye Charlie Sparkler Commercial In Here Julia Merlin’s Recipe Learning the Ropes Life's Labyrinth Lonesome Wolf Nobody Says Thank You Our Lady of Hope

Plaza de Toros Recovery Room Rejections Revival Schwartz's Pawn Shop Small George The Children of Melot The Cock-eyed Optometrist The Eavesdropper The End of the Week The Fourth Generation The Galaxy

The Last School Day The Last Word The Magic Tree The Man by the Window The Night Before Christmas The Oracle The Piano Player The Queen’s Alternative The Tall Story Hour The Wall of Memory Tompkins Pond Turn Around, Frank. Look at Me.

Valentine's Day

Omar Couceiro II

Voyage of Independence

Omar L

Frozen Days - Episode 1

Onyenuchie Ikpeka

Language of Love Loneliness Oh, You Poet Once My Glory The Cruise and Crews Time Truth

Ovidiu Bufnila

Dog-Eat-Dog Universe Foe Morning Moreaugarin's Crusade The Cardboard Sea

Paddy Screech

Deus ex Machina


Figure Me In The House New Identity Vital Clue When?

Paige Burlingame

Bad Intentions.

Pamela Daranjo

Poetry 10 Poetry 23

Pamela Dixon

Fear Not To Seek True Love Shameless Tears For You

Pamela Tyree Griffin


Pankaj Mongia

No Reason

Parker Lykins

Eternal Fire Give a Gift Someday Through and Through

Pastor Emmanuel R. Wells Sr.

Who is my Enemy?

Pat Burke

Tree Tops

Pat Gluck

Experience Lessening Risks Ramblin's Ramblin's II Ramblin's III Ramblin's IV Ramblin's V Ramblin's VI Ramblin's VII Ramblin's VIII

Ramblin's IX Ramblin's X (Potpourri)

Patrick Luce

A Conversation with Death Monday Thought of You The Prank

Patricia A. Cangelosi

Long Ago

Patti Dinneen

Blood Sweat and Tears Last Will and Testament Now Spit The Fine Art of Home Improvement

Paul Bylin

The Other Casualty of War - Foreword The Other Casualty of War - Chapter One The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Two The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Three The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Four The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Five The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Six The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Seven The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Eight The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Nine The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Ten

Paul C.

Angel Eyes

Paul Curtis

A New Horizon A Stranger That I Know Afternoon Delight Anne Awoken From Slumber Beneath The Clock Brief Encounter Broken Choice Cruel World

Dream Lake Every Corner Of The World (1) Faith From The Shadows Guardian Hurt I Love Her If We Had Met At A Different Time If I Knew Then What I Know Now - Anne If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Linda

If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Maria If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Sharon K If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Sharon S If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Tina Imagine In The Afterglow In The Company Of Angels In The Eye Of The Beholder In The First Light Of Dawn Isle Of Love

Keepsake Love At A Stroke Love Equation Love of Her Life New Love Returning Home The Look Of Love There’s Something About A Cellist The Search Unaffected

Under The Clock Jane Kiss Love For Sale Medusa Mistaken Identity Mobile Communication Moments Nature’s Child Natural Music

No More Monochrome Once More Poor Sam Reflected Glory Refreshed Shameful Howard She Fills My Thoughts The Breath Of Life Thank God For F Ru Time On My Hands

Tough Love Triangles Unwelcome News Vision Where, When And How?

Paul Grimsley

A Prayer for the Parochial Anchorite Anhedonia Belief's Blinkers Bloom Caduceus Chance has your Eyes Constant's Sea Eye-dig Fate Moves Sideways

Feeding A Need Feeling Like A Cheese Sandwich Meaning What? Once and Future Prometheus Proteus Seasoned Seems Shell Submerge

The Dawn Fire The Sun, the Water Writer Of The Universe



Peggy Butler

Debunking Black Myths In The 21st Century

Pepper Herman

The Doomsday Club

Peter Farrell


Peter Sprenkeler

Forgiveness Ode to Afghanistan Once it Shone Tactility The Human Spirit The Key to Unlock Peace Warfare

Peter Torre

Gate of Storms

Phil Rockstroh

Empire, Jesus, And The Death Gene The Gong Show of the American Political System

Piper Davenport

An Average Woman’s Story The Hotel Window Three Different Ways to Tell a Lie

Poet Smith

The Morning Dove Jasmine in the Rain

Pratikshya Mishra


Preston Bishop

Carnival Day For Ethan

Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

An Old Railway Line Quintessence of Quiescent


Our Responsibility in Reforming Society

R. H. Sarah

Black and White Picture Don’t Look Back I Can Only Feel The Pain, can You? Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter One Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter Two Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter Three Marriage, a Dilemma Chapter Four

R. L. Walker

A Gentle Soft Rain Bumpy Crickets Revenge Dr Andy Mulls Thooo For the Children Now What Day Is It Seattle Piddle Seattle Rain Seattle Spit Seattle Sweat

The Bridge at Y2K The Lid The Roll Thirty Nine Men Yet Another Attempt at the Question Why

Rab Steed

Decaying Enamel

Rachael Dickson

A Question of Antigone



Rachel Baumander

Alone - Chapter One

Rachel Marie Lemke

The Reward

Rachel R.


Rachel S. Pankey

Massacre of the Fashion Dolls

Rachelle Arlin Credo

Chimera Conscience Incubus Lola The Quilt

Raghab Nepal

Ashamed Sun Be Alive Belief Black Change City Fate and Fancy Kite Me and You, Star Mother Wider Than The Sea War, The Rich's Play

Ram Mehta

Absolution Dane Marks From Illusion to Reality I have a name I have never seen…. Invocation to Mount Purandhar Iris Lap Pillow Maple Memories March Madness Niagara Six Windows What makes you look at me

Ramon Collins


Ranvir Singh Parmar

Suicide Letter

Raquel Imes

Cupids Power Spiritual Graduation

Rattan Mann

Self-Analysis Silence With The Storm (Chapter 1)

Ray Griffin


Ray Wayne

Another Day Dear God Faces in the Wall When I Was Young

Raye McDonald

County Judge Does Beauty Matter Finally Others Final Selection Grandmother's March Humpty Dumpty Man Just a Music Teacher Loose Lips My Piano My Portrait of a Leader

Observance Our Preacher Bill Silence Golden or Deadly Spiritual Addicts Sunny Sunday Morning The Day I Learned Humility The Wedding at the Stock Show Grounds

Raymond Towers

Proof of the Supernatural

Rebecca Suzanne Zimmerman


Regina Calton Burchett

A Renewed Patriot The Concession

Rekhuh J. Allen

Child of Light Fireworks Nothing Left Remembrance Stolen Innocence

Resham Bhojwani


Rhiannon Mainville

The Mare and Her Fole

Rhonda Hardin

Where Forever Couldn't Dance

Riccardo Giovanni

In A Whisper

Rich Roach

A Child's Sweet Laugh This Life

Richard C. Wall

Death Comes For Us On Horseback Schizophrenic’s Lament

Richard Elliott Zanteson

Liam and Jane

Richard G-Man

Just Because Love Quest Unscheduled Departure

Richard Lee Fulgham

The Bat With a Human Face: A Georgia Boy’s Memoir The Lion on Canes

Richard Miller

The Wandering Mind

Richard Tardif

Community Assets

Richard Valentine

Part One of The Return

Richard W. Razvillas

A Special Friend

Rita Rosochacki


RM Youngman

The Angels Sang The Angels Sing

Robert Brian Newbill

A True Goodnight Beauty

Robert Levin

On Turning Sixty No Stars for the Eclipse

Robert M. Hensel

A Poet's Story Peace of Mind Poetry at Play The Poet

Robert Schackner

Duck Duck Goose Goose Home Alone I Heard it in Your Eyes If I Could Talk to the Animals In Ordinary Time Nine To Five - Part One Nine To Five - Part Two Oh Christmas Tree Once and for All Play Ball

Robert Taylor

For SAD People Everywhere, There's a Remedy at Hand Ridiculed and Abused, the British Male is Fighting Back Saluting the Aussies with Beer

Robyn Porter

The Window

Robyn Rose

Looting in Irak

Rocky K. Bitrus

Hey God Tonic

Rod Stewart

Between the Lines From a Distance Lost Time Howling Night The Sky Shepherd The Write Way

Roderick Young

A Woman Worth Remembering Clarity Milestone

Rodney Bohen

Dear Folks Teacher, Can You See Me Raising My Hand?

Ron Mwangaguhunga

The Lost Labyrinthine

Rostand Kenne Zangue (Joe)

Dream Girl

Roxanne Mimms

Southern Desire

Rush Weigelt

Dwight Gates

Rusty Broadspear

A Bouquet of Lost Memories A Clown's Life A Really Short Story All That Jazz And Shine Andy Arcane Addendum Astral Travel At Complete Odds

B.R.M Baby Johnson Back to the Beginning Bad King Jasper's Back Bedsit Between Heartbeats Big Hair and Bow Finger Birthday Tale Bison, Or...? Blessed Day

Blindness Boy Boy In A Box Brand New Day Bullet Points Buried in the Gutter But Flowers Cry Canada August 03 Cancelled Candy Floss Laughter

Captured Memories Celebration Celia Clandestine Keyboard Moments Club Night Cockroach Damp Harvest Darkest Thoughts Dicky Bubby Dicky Bubby - Another One

Disappearance Doctor Patient Dog's Day Downs Dream Destiny Dreams and Wishes Drummer Drive Driven Away Eagle

Earth Elsie's Precious Christmas Elusive Evening of Angels Eyes of Deep Sighs Eyes of Deep Sighs - Morning Fairy Queen Faith False Kings Feather Maiden

Feral Woman Final Affair For All of Us Four Empty Shoes From This Day On Fragile as Nectar Garden of Promise Gemses - Her View of Eric the Writer Girl of a Thousand Lives Good Luck - Godspeed

Goodbye Grandma Goodbye to WV Guiding Light Herbie's Night is Over Hugs in Lonesome Street Flight of the Night Birds Have A Good Life - No Sorrys Heart Hit the Street I Have Your Eyes

I Know You I Love You Imagine This Embrace In - Between Inconsistencies It's Not My Party Hamish Howard Jasper Jessica

Joe Star Joggers Josh Judgement Day Just A Name Kiddo Korky Strumpledon Lady of Grace Lambert's Bible Last Train Lay-Zee-Boy-Days

Light Night Life and Times of a Raindrop Live From St. Mildred's Lives Anew Locked Doors, Locked People, Locked Minds Losers or Choosers Love and Peace Man and Boy Mangods Materialization

Milky Pond Million To One More Hurtful that the Sword Mother Theresa Mum My Very Own Star Not in Your Eyes Nurse On A Clear Winter Night On the Wings of Dreams

One Heart One Man Went to Sew One Night Only Child Our Angel Our Future in the Past Owl Alliance Parchment Pallbearer's Guilt Pan Pipes

Passion and Compassion Patience Persecution Phantom of the Night Pigeon Nights Poet's Princess Primitive Nights Print of a Mighty Oak Profound Beauty Prophecy

Rainbows and Flowers Relationship Rebirth Release the Kids Resignation Road of Sighs Running on Empty Samuel's Secret Seed Seven Angels In Sunset Shackles are History

Shadow Moments Short Cut Short Range Forecast Shuttle Silent Steps Slave Snapshot Spencer Church Star Starry Eyes

Stew and Mike Stolen Story to Forget Strangers In Love Such a Twist Sugar Coated Pear Drops Sultry Satin Night Sun's Out Sweet Interval Sweet Secrets in a Sentence

Symbiosis Take Me Home Tears The Bait Man The Barn The Brain of Eleanor Forgiven The Caller The Car and the Indian The Fist The March

The Passer-By The Plumbers The Priest The Priest - Streetwalker The Reporter The Room The Smile The Tweaze - Part One The Tweaze - Part Two The Queen Mother Experience

The Voice The Wild Man Time Without End To be a Kool Kid in the Sixties Tomorrows Tonight Trivia True Urban Turmoil Turnaround Time

Twenty First Century Couple Two Souls Underpass Undersized Expectations Uninvited Yet Welcome Unknown Artist Violet Shades Walk Into My Dream Walking the Blade and Dying With Strangers Wanting More

Wet When Is Our Time? When 'When' is Not Enough Wild and Free Wilderness Wings Wisps Without Substance Wondergirl Words

World Wide Wonderment Yours Zak

Rutaksha Rawat


Ruth Annie Macmain

Night Sky Remember

Ryan Evans

A father, but not a father To be Reborn

Ryan Broll

See You Soon

S. J. Martin

Camping on the Banks of the Missouri

Saail Ehsan

The Labour Day (Zinda Loag) People With The Zest of Life

Sabrina Beth Davis

Snow in September

Sahar Sabati

A Second Chance Darkness falls Remembrance

Samantha McDonald


Samantha Mullen

Drowning in Fear Missing You My Friend

Sandra Korey


Sandra L Jones


Sandra S. Corona

A Million Dollar Room Don't Deny Me Memories

Sandra Wilson

Gypsy The Brave Dust With The Best Of Intentions

Sandy Jamar


Sarah Gibson

Definition of Love Lay Me Down Softly Spirituality The Internet is History You've Got Mail Baby

Sarah Gold

Bright Orange Journal Feet Stuck on the Outside The Other Me

Sarah Laeuchli

Ellen Beth

Sarah McCormack

Cascading Love

Sarah Meckel

Cindy's Fight With Cancer


Let it be a dream Sacrifice

Satyam Sharma

Lost But Never Forgotten

Saundra L. Washington

A Dose of Laughter Forgetting Can Be Annoying

Schuylar March

The Alien Catastrophe The Web Surfer

Scott R. Jones

A Laborer of Love An American Tragedy Gifts of the Seasons Home of the Free I Look to the Sky Little Folks Memories of the Heart Mississippi Life My Walk to Emmaus Patriotism

Silent Night The Poet The Storm This Flag Of Ours Together We Stand Uncloudy Day Winter Nights

Sean Silverman

No Escape

Seshendra Sharma

Earth an Epic

Shamir Patel

Poetry Concealed Fragments

Shannah M

Chicken Pox Rule

Shannon Billings

Didn't You Know Explain Heroes Hesitation Look The Hourglass Touched the Sky

Sharon Maier

Where's the Beef


A Break-Up Blizzard

Shayla Price

Branch of Passion The Indignation

Sheilah A. Cornish-Samuels

Wall of Tears Who Are You

Shelby Forrest

The Lady of Justice

Shelley P.

Why Words Can't Explain

Sheri'fe Ucar


Sherrie Knapp


Sherry Ermish

A Fathers Love Free to be Me They Danced

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

I am Human. I Yearn...Endlessly Leaving Mum The Old Man in My Father's Funeral What About Love?

Shirisha Mudunuri




Sinister Urges

Fiamme Mortali

Smiley V.

A Fading Love

Solomon Machardson

Adam's Punishment Age Age Barrier All Are Thieves All That Glitters Aspiration Atheism Beauty is a Dangerous Thing Beauty of a Girl Blessing of Mum's Life

Brink of Eternity Fairyland Faultfinders Forever Mum's Baby Gift of Opportunity Gigantic Betrayal Guerilla Tactic He Hankered After Nature Heavenly Stories Hidden Treasure of the Soul

Illusion of Weakness Love Dies Metamorphosis Mum as a Guardian Angel Mum's Deity of Hope Playthings Solitary Wayfarer

Sonny O Azeez

Alfred Iris

Sooraj Vasudevan

Silence With You

Spencer McDonald

A Socks Life

Staci Rice

Alone Pride That Girl she Used to be The Last GoodBye Wanted Love What Hurts The Most

Stacy Mintzer Herlihy

How I Knew It Was Him


Sweet Dreams

Stacey Moyer

Questioning the Flowers

StacyAnn D. Lazowski

August Moon Nature's Song The Awakening

Stephani Meyer-Hinojosa

Icy Winds - Chapter One Icy Winds - Chapter Two

Stephanie L.

Unicorns Amaze the Heart

Stephanie Sullivan

The Other You

Stephanie Wandersee

If I could... My Dream Come True The one

Stephen Collicoat

Direction Joy Little Boy Lost Perfect Man Peter's Story Spellbinder The Counterfeit Man The Great Callisto The King of the Golden Trolls The Meaning of Dreams The Tale of the Greedy Goblin Traitor View From the Top Wicked Youth in a Bottle

Steve Quick

Carpe Diem Colors Cracker Jack Man Dreams and Lovers Ghost Know Saloon Sleep The Old Man Thoughts Tire Swing One Man Band

Steve Sheridan

Last Days - Tribulation

Steven Kaye

Alex and the Restaurant

Steven Losee


Stu Engle

I Can't Hear America Singing The Cutest Little Girl

Sue Lynn Wong

Love Me

Sue Marier

A petite yellow shirt waisted dress Blisters Forest Green Sweater How You Know Your Son is a Man Now My father’s house The Tea Party

Sulaiman Gbenga Idowu

Paradise to bin

Susan Hardman


Susan Hubenthal

My So-Called Life

Susan Maree Jeavons

Damned Do Not Cry For Me Eyes Shut Tight Helter-Skelter Hope Springs Eternal, and All That Bull! Incomplete Metamorphosis Just Once Perpetual Emotion Recluse Muse Reflection of A Mad Poet

Reluctant Boomer Step by Step The Heart of the Matter Trespasser Unhinged

Susan Rippe

Broken Wing Dirt Her Shades of Grey Loathing No More Lies Untitled

Suzanne Tetreault

The Right Thing

Suzanne Tyson

I Long to Belong to the Sea Indecision Interruptions No More Apple Trees for Me One Touch Remedied Seatbelts Please Simple Words The Music The Night The Road of Growing Up

To the Young People of This Website Twisted Gossip

Suzi Bateman

D. J.

Suzy Kim

Running Free

Svetleena Choudhary

Farewell Lover I as Time: For Once Lies No More Love Child Nemesis Soul Dreaming Surrender The Homecoming The Comeback 10 Pence for Innocence

T. Mondo Heart

Whispers In the Dark

T L Taylor

Absence Alive Blind Becoming Hollow Blueness Chance Meeting Circle Emptiness Ending Future

Good Mourning I Just Me L.A.D Laugh Once Perpetual


Ruts Slowly


Tammy Betchel

The Big Black Box

Teenagers Everywhere

Message to Parents

Terence Black

Comedian Pyros Chapter 1

Teresa R. Lucas

A Mermaid's Heart

Terry McLain

Super Bowl Nonsense Tough Love

Theda Vaughan

The Christmas Victory

Theresa Cecilia Garcia

A Rainy Day in New York City Part One A Rainy Day in New York City, The Airport Part Two Body Modification Conversations with my Muse Death They Found Disconnected Flowers Among Chirping Crickets First Day On The Job Full Moon In Bravado Goddess Dancing Manic Panic Off The Edge Of The World I Lay Among The Flowers

I Loved You Once Invisible Klau 2 L Train To The Bowery Medusa Merciful Compassion Moon Goddess Old Cuba At Sunset Reflections Shedding Skin

The Cloak In The Storm The EngagementThe Fighting Independant The Ghosts of Versailles by Theresa Cecilia Garcia The Pansy Club The Old Country The Widow Paris They Fall Time Transformation Two Women

Theresa Allen

Baby Doll Bus Tales

Cousin Harold - Prolog Cousin Harold - Epilog

Little Brat That Needs A Spanking

Rejection Melancholia Never Never Land

San Francisco Story Part I San Francisco Story Part 2 San Francisco Story Part 3 San Francisco Story Part 4 San Francisco Story Part 5 San Francisco Story Part 6 San Francisco Story Part 7 San Francisco Story Part 8 San Francisco Story Part 9

Tiffany Alfonso

A Nightmare Impacted the World A Musical Memorial Reflecting The Mournful Morning Background on the "Italian Hymn"

Etiquette in A Congregation Part 1 Etiquette in A Congregation Part 2

Instructions on Putting on A Show More Than ‘No Children Allowed to Eat Here’ News Flash (Extra! Extra!) No Tropicana Lounge Romantic Songs Of Romantic Events--Eighties Style The Day When all the Theme Parks Ran Empty Presenting – The Great Bridge High School Marching Ban(ne)d The Turnpikes of Blissfulness

The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter One The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Two The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Three The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Four The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Five The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Six The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Seven The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort -- Chapter Eight

The Turnpikes of Blissfulness Chapter One The Turnpikes of Blissfulness Chapter Two The Turnpikes of Blissfulness Chapter Three The Turnpikes of Blissfulness Chapter Four

The Wardrobe of A Church Chapter One The Wardrobe of A Church Chapter Two

We Sit Down In Tears What's Behind Jennie Jenkins

Timothy Manassah

The End But Yet the Beginning

Todd Castetter

The Tale

Thomas Jay Cubb

The Poemism Crisis



Tom Tannehill

A Whole Lot of Jesus An AARP Moment Golfing I Want To Be A Big Time Poet Just Shooting Off Some Steam Life Cycles Of Shakespeare's Ilk Rock Skipping Stultifying To My Protester Friends

Wishes and Regrets

Toni Boyer

Falling in Love

Tony P Newton



From Across the Street

Tracy Bell

Creation Hope Misinformed Tyranny

Tracy w. d.

Love Irony


Seraphim's Kite

Tyler Bateman


Uzma Sadaf

A Half Person A Mirror A Misconception A Nameless Girl And A Few Poems of Hers All Decisions Are Made on a Tea Cup All is not According to Our Wishes All the Birds Have Been Imprisoned All The Pages Have Been Turned Over All The Writings Are Blank And I am Left All Alone December

Certain Realities Dim Reflections Disappointments Even Today the Things are the Same For What Should I Speak Heart and Eyes How Could You Think So! How Cruel You Are! I Am A Great Sinner I Am The Mother I Had a Deception I Shall Sip All My Tears If I were Worthy of It

If the Night Passes Safely I Like To See The Dreams Is it the Mind or a Gushing Spring I Was Not Meant For This Illusion It Is The Matter of Only Yesterday

Just to Judge Ourselves Life is a Reality Life Is As It Is Mother My Mother New Birth is Very Costly

Nothing is Hidden from the Stars Now I Don’t Need You Oh! My Pearl Poetry and Passions Sensitivity Say it Only Once So Many Thoughts and Dreams Some Consideration of the Days Passed! The Agony of Tomorrow The Arrows of the Words The Blackness of Hypocrisy The Blank Papers The Chill of Silence The City of Sand The Clay The Days Pass Away

The Dust Speaks Out The Empty Hands The Gloomy Winter Evening The Eyes of the Sun have Grown Old The Failed Love The Journey of the Dots The Last Hope The Limit of Sins The Long Stay The Season of the Heart The Stay on The Way The Soaked Wings The Sun Has Died Out The Sun Will Keep On Looking The Time Has Changed

The Time is Out of Joint The End The Thoughts Make Circles The Traveler of the Night The unnamed Melancholy The Waking Corpse There are Many Other Grief's There is a Story from My Life There is no Justification in such a Living There Must be Some Excuse to Pass Life There Was A Person Whom I Called My Own

They Have Marched to the Cities This is December Today and Yesterday Those Are The Different People To a Friend We are Strange Kind of People Without You! When You Departed Who Says The Passion Has Died Away You Are Not At Fault You Are The Same But…

Your Love is a Tragedy

V Barrett


Valerie Martin


Valerie N. Hunt

In Love

Vanessa Clay

I Know I Always Will

Vicie Moore


Victoria Facella


Vikki Kennedy

Why Suicide?

Vince Gullaci

Justify Unpublished

Vincent Oxford

Alone It's Just A Phase Luck Loves Apology Untitled

Virginia Walker

Afternoon Appointment

Walter L. Jones

Last Visit Que In Waiting Tiger Or Lamb Should have Been Barren Starting Over Summer Kisses

Wayne Arthur Harris

Along the Edge of White

Whitney Hopewell

Death in Love Unfortunate

Whitney Humphrey

I'm Sorry

William Stage

Reststop Cafe Chapter 1 - 14 Nobody's Perfect


Let my Death be Filled with Dancing

Yasetta Wilson

My Heart Speaks

Yi Arum

A Sense of Alienation Dear My Brother My Illusion Is Over

Yohan S.

The Meaning of Life

Yussuf Migoko

Even After Half a Life This Sadness I Live With

Yustas Kotz Gottlieb

New York Code Orange Jaisini New Art Series

Yvette S. Davis

Lift Me Up Your Eyes Rain & Reason

Yvonne Bullins Luffman

I Let Go Thinking of Home


The End

Zach Gieck


Zakai Robbins

My Impact

Zoe Marlowe